Friday, July 6, 2012

Miles First Cajun Bite 2.0 - VIDEO

Miles, the noshing L'enfant terrible is back, and as unrestrained as ever. If this Cajun kid likes an entree, silverware will not slow him down -- not when he can get the job done with the help of his 10 plump digits.

And if he can't finish what's on his plate then he gets creative, even Jackson Pollock would be jealous of Miles's painting technique using a tender crawfish tail dipped in a creamy bisque; or Vogue Magazine editor Anna Wintou would surely applaud Miles if he waddled down a Paris catwalk wearing the latest in Cheese Grits covered couture! The 99 Cent Chef's wild and funny video of  Miles First Cajun Bite is just a click away at the bottom of this post.

My nephew Chef Matt (one of his cooking videos here) and his fiance's tyke is a bundle of entertainment at a year and a half old (at the time this video was shot.) All you have to do is put him in a highchair and hilarity follows.

When I was staying with Mom in Louisiana last November after her bypass surgery (all's well, she's back to bowling,) I shot Miles at her kitchen table -- this time noshing on the Cajun cuisine classics of: Boudin Balls, which are fried rice balls with ground pork; Crawfish Pie, a flaky pastry filled with tender tails of crawfish in a tomato bisque sauce; and finishing up with the Southern classic, Cheese Grits.

It's anarchy of the appetite in my latest toddler First Bite video series. And deja food all over again -- if you are a subscriber then you know what I'm talking about; just click here to refresh your memory of the original Miles First Bite from 11 months ago.

And if you can't get enough cuteness, I have 3 more First Bite videos of the most adorable little girl in Baldwin Hills, my neighbors Bob and Lori's one year old, Lola (just click on a title): Lola's First Bite 1.0, Lola's First Bite 2.0, and Lola's First Birthday Party.

It's all good and not so clean fun, especially when you combine toddlers and vittles -- you will literally be watching a movable feast. And if there is anybody else in the room go ahead and invite them to look over your shoulder at all the culinary merriment.

A big 99 thanks goes to Miles, Lacee and Chef Matt (and my Mom) for allowing me to video it all; and an extra 99 thanks for their help in cleaning up after Miles First Cajun Bite 2.0 !!
Miles First Cajun Bite 2.0 - VIDEO

Play it here. Video runs 4 minutes 10 seconds.

To view or embed from YouTube, click here.

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Shay said...

Oh my gosh, what a handsome little guy! I especially love his use of the cheesy grits as both hair product and a facial! :)

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