Tuesday, October 22, 2019

Baseball World Series 2019 - Recipes

Batter up! And that's just the coating for my MVP Fried Chicken recipe. Are you ready for the World Series of cheap$kate eats? Just step up to the plate and allow me to pitch some tasty entrees your way, that you can serve up while viewing the Houston Astros battle the Washington Nationals for the 2019 edition of Major League Baseball's championship series.

Nibble: to pitch along the far edges of the strike zone, around home plate.

The Penny Pinch Hitting Chef has a dugout full of recipes for baseball lovers that will leave enough green in your wallet to buy an extra keg of beer for your tailgate party. Just click on any recipe name below to see what I mean. There are no foul balls in this recipe list!

First at-bat, hot dogs are the kings and queens of the ballpark. And boy does this Knight of the Round Dinner Table have a couple of royal video recipes for you to try...fresh off the bench!!

Okay, I'll admit to cheering on the Houston Astros this time as I was born in the Lonestar State. I grew up fed on Tex-Mex cuisine. You can grill any of my high school buddies about the deliciousness of my Mom's Tex-Mex Chili Enchiladasand they're bases-loaded with cheddar cheese!

High Schoolers 99 Cent Chef, Marvin & Dennis

Check out the video below to see how they slide down my buddies homeplate gullet!

Mom's Shrimp & Rice is a one-pot meal your home team will gladly gather around.

More shrimp dishes are always good during extra innings and you won't ground out with my Mom's Shrimp, Scrambled Eggs and JalapeƱo Tacos.

For my local baseball fans, the LA Street Dog is the grand slam of tube steaks. If you have never had one, you don't know what you're missing.  It's a kaleidoscopic flavor bomb of bacon-wrapped wieners sauteed with sliced bell peppers, onion, slathered with mustard, mayo, and ketchup and topped with a grilled whole jalapeno....whew, now that's a mouthful.

High Cheese: A fastball thrown high over the plate.

Check out my recipe video below, where I also take you to the back alleys of downtown Los Angeles to see for yourself how they do it in the streets.

 Homemade L.A. Street Dog -- A Delicious Hot Mess! 

Heading toward the East Coast,  behold the Chicago Dog:  it's a warm, rosy-red grilled frank topped with mustard, nestled in a black-speckled poppy seed bun, flanked by half wagon wheel slices of tomato, Day-Glo green relish, chopped onion, a wedge of pickle, two sport peppers, and finished with a sprinkle of celery salt.

This is the real thing; just looking at it makes me shudder from the winter chill on a blustery, cloudy Chicago day. Now that you have the recipe make your own version using easy-to-get regular pickle relish, just don't tell Cubbie fans or you may get aced with a beanball.

Authentic Chicago Dogs can be had here is Los Angeles, too, at the exceptional Fab Hot Dogs in the San Fernando Valley. So all you Windy City transplants will definitely feel at home there. Check out my video below to see how a Chicago Dog is done right.

For the Washington Nationals inaugural appearance in a Baseball World Series. I have a recipe that will rattle your batting cage tastebuds! And it's an appallingly delicious Trump Orange Chicken. I came up with the recipe when the Cheeto-In-Chief was running for the highest office of our nation. So step up to the plate for an egomaniacal mouthful.

Tired of stale, soggy stadium hot dogs? I have a great and easy Corn Dog Recipe made with Vienna sausages -- but you can use regular wieners. There will be no foul balls as your hungry guests dip these crunchy coated pig skins into my tasty honey-mustard sauce.

Since you have the fryer going you might as well make a batch of my Krispy Kreme Doughnuts. They're as light and airy as the Goodyear blimp.

Ran out of hot dog buns? Well toss a few wieners or sausages on the grill and try my version of a Currywurst. Your recipe batting average just doubled when you slather on grilled tubes steaks: my spicy mix of ketchup, cumin and cayenne spices. It's also a great starter appetizer on game day.

Washington Nationals revelers will eat up my riff on a Lobster Roll -- a cheaper Scallop Roll. And if East Coast fans can't make it Los Angeles, then throw another log on the fire and gather in front of the big screen with a steaming bowl of my cheap$kate Clam Chowder.

 Scallop Roll

Rhubarb: a bench-clearing baseball brawl.

The flyover states love a succulent and smoky BBQ Pulled Pork. No need to travel to the coasts for delish eats, touch down right here for my succulent pork recipe.

BBQ Pulled Pork Sandwich

Smoked pork rules in the Lone Star State. My smokin' Pulled Pork recipe is easy and cheap to make, of course. Just check out the video below or click here to see all the tasty recipe details.

Texas is known for its meaty Chili. Southerners love their Chili with or without beans. While beef is expensive, I get around that by using cheap beef shank. Once you've cooked it down for a few hours, beef shank is as tender as any pricey cut of meat. My Homemade Meat and Bean Chili recipe is perfect for your Astros sports gathering and can be served during all 9 innings of the game - make plenty just in case the game goes into extra innings.

Set the Table: getting runners on base, ahead of a power hitter.

Next to pizza and hotdogs, Fried Chicken is a fan favorite. And I've come up with a crunchy coating that will empty the bleachers and have fans storming the kitchen! Kickoff the MLB World Series with my Fried Chicken Sandwich Recipe or use my special flour and spice mix for regular bone-in chicken parts. My mouthwatering video below is better than an inside-the-park home run.

Your boys and girls of summer will take a 7th inning stretch and huddle around your cast iron pot of my Mom's fragrant and spicy Chicken & Sausage Jambalaya and Cajun Gumbo.

Mom's Cajun Sausage and Chicken Gumbo

Serve a pitcher's mound size plate of Teriyaki Spam Musubi for your Hawaiian friends.

Spam Musubi

Or, set out shredded slow-cooked pork, chopped onion and cilantro, with warm tortillas and your favorite salsa, for Mexican Carnitas Tacos. Your food fans will start a wave, from the living room to the kitchen table.

Can of Corn: An easy to catch high fly ball to the outfield.

 Does beer go with Steamed Articokes? Hmmm....you'll have to try out my recipe to find out - do let me know if you try it!

If fish is on your mind then hook your bleacher bums with some of my homemade Sushi Recipes. Try tagging out a Spicy Tuna or California Roll. How about setting up a Fielder's choice of chopped veggies and fresh fish and roll your own delicious Hand Rolls? It's easier than you think, and I have simple photo-illustrated instructions a click away, here.

My Fish Tacos deserve the MVP award for deliciousness. I make mine Baja, Mexico-style, that is, battered and fried tender fish fillets with a cabbage and creme topping.

Fish Taco

While everyone's watching the pre-game show send in any of my delicious dugout sides, including: Bacon Wrapped DatesTomato & Basil BruschettaDeviled EggsPortabella Mushroom FriesSweet Fried PlantainsCeviche with Avocado and Black Beans, and Chicken Satay with Peanut Sauce.

Crack a few eggs for a meal most fowl, not foul -- click here to see my Veggie Frittata recipe that will feed all your hungry team players (add some ham pieces to fill out the frittata.)

Dying Quail: a fly ball weakly hit, that lands in between the infield and the outfield.

There will be no need for rain checks when you serve a sandwich plate of gooey, cheesy Patty Melts, hearty Meatball Subs, Homemade Deli PastramiFalafel Pitas, and steaming Sloppy Joe's.

If you're looking for one-pot meals, so you don't miss any action on the field of dreams, just check out my Pork BourguignonFrench CassouletChicken Tinga Stew,  Mr. Patti's Red Beans & RiceBaked Pasta with Cheese and CauliflowerBaked Lasagna with Ground ChickenShepherd's Pie, or Sausage & Sauerkraut with Beer recipes.

Baked Lasagna with Ground Chicken

Looking for a relief pitching recipe? How about a different twist on Buffalo Wings with my African Spiced Water Buffalo Wings? This original recipe features chicken legs, but you can substitute wings.

The Cheap$kate Chef's Turkey & Black Beans Chili recipe will add extra points on your scoreboard for flavor. Make it spicy, but be sure to have an ice chest full of brews for all your bench-warming guests.

And don't forget to send in from this Whisk Welding Culinary Coach a most versatile of plated plays, the Pita Pizza -- a varied list of toppings you can use would fill the coaches chalkboard.

Pita Pizza

So dig deep into my bullpen and click on any of the tasty treat names above to watch an instant reply of recipes from my blog. Your guest will be cheering you on -- from their cheap seats!

I'll leave you with my wacky video below, where I swing at all types of produce...and knock them out of the ballpark!

Batter Up!

Thursday, October 17, 2019

Mango Pancakes - Video Recipe

Add some tropical flavor to your breakfast pancakes with my Mango Pancakes Recipe.

A ripe Mango is super sweet fully ripe. They are quite easy to peel, then just slice off the soft flesh into bite-sizes to add to your fave pancake mix. When they make contact with a hot grill they sweetly caramelize like grilled pineapple (ha, another future pancake recipe!)

Mangos are ripe when soft to the touch, kinda like an avocado. I have gotten Mango that goes from green to bad on occasion, sometimes they will not ripen right...oh well. But when they do they have the best flavor.

I peel a Mango by just slicing into the skin, top to bottom about 4 slices per Mango. That is usually enough to then peel each segment of skin to reveal the orange flesh underneath. Then you just slice off the flesh until you hit the large flat/oval seed.

Living in L.A. Mango are easy to get and cheap, too. I get mine at my local Latin grocery store, Superior Grocers.

For the pancake batter, I use a commercial brand. If you have a homemade recipe then use it. I can get a large box of dry pancake batter at my local 99c only Store or Dollar Tree. Regular grocery stores sell it cheap enough, too.

Start your day right, with my tropical cheap$kate breakfast of Mango Pancakes.

Mango Pancakes - Video
Play it here, video runs 1 minute, 34 seconds.

My YouTube video link for viewing or embedding, just click here.

Ingredients (2 servings, using a pancake mix)
  • 1 cup pancake mix - any favorite
  • 3/4 cup water - okay to use milk for a richer pancake batter.
  • 1 mango - roughly sliced or chopped. Depending on the size, one larger size is plenty. Okay to substitute with any fresh seasonal fruit like: blueberry, peach, apricot, strawberry, and even sliced banana or canned fruit like pineapple.
  • 1 tablespoon of cooking oil - to grease skillet. Add more when needed, depending on how many pancakes you make.
  • Butter and favorite pancake syrup - add as much as you like.

Prepare pancake batter according to package directions. My pancake mix calls for 1 cup of flour and 3/4 cup of water.

Mix pancake ingredients in a bowl. When mixed it will be like thick country gravy.

Start to heat the pan over a medium/low heat.

Peel Mango and slice off flesh from the seed. I slice into skin top to bottom, 4 slices total. Then loosen the top of a slice and peel off the skin. Sometimes it breaks and sometimes it peels all the way off. I do one half at a time so it's less messy to separate the flesh.

I then slice off the flesh of one side. Then I turn over Mango and slice into skin and remove it. Finally slicing off the rest of the flesh.

Mix sliced Mango into pancake batter. Sometimes I will lay out the mango slices directly on the hot pan and pour pancake batter over the slices. It's okay to just mix in the Mango into the pancake batter.

Add oil to pancake pan and pour on the pancake batter with Mango pieces. Brown each side of the pancake. Mine took about 3 minutes for each side. It really depends how hot your pan gets.

The box directions above mentions cooking time to brown each side as 1.5 minutes each....hmmmm, they must be using a super hot pan!

If you want a dark brown pancake presentation, then just cook one side to get the right amount of brown, then cook the other side for a minute, to finish. Serve browned side up, on the plate.

I serve hot with melted butter and favorite pancake syrup.

Friday, October 11, 2019

Mushrooms Sauteed in Coconut Oil - Vegan Video Recipe

I like a recipe with just two ingredients and my Mushrooms Sauteed in Coconut Oil fits the bill.

I guess you could call this an anti-recipe video and it's a pretty recipe too, just check out the bright yellow mushrooms I picked up. And while there's nothing to it, you will still like the simple flavors of my latest Cheap$kate Recipe video.

I chose these mushrooms because they showed up at my local 99c only Store. Called Champignon Mushrooms, they have a mild flavor similar to white or brown button mushrooms. I was expecting a more pungent taste like shitake or oyster mushrooms. But that's okay, the more flavorful Coconut Oil shines strongly through.

Click on any photo to see larger.

Normally, I would saute mushrooms in a little butter, but I know my vegan visitors like a budget recipe too.  It's fun to mix it up with flavorful cooking oils.

The mushrooms I got came in a sealed package and as a large root segment. I split the mushrooms into smaller segments for easier sauteing. I used a tablespoon of oil. You only need to cook them until soft and tender - just a couple of minutes on each side.

If you like mushrooms caramelized, then saute on one side without moving them for about 3 minutes, and flip mushrooms once to finish for another minute.

For the last couple of years, Coconut Oil has been showing up at my local 99c only Store and even the Dollar Tree. Like the name says, Coconut Oil has a distinct flavor, so if you don't care for coconut then you can substitute any oil like Olive, Peanut, Walnut or even Avocado Oil. I've noticed Coconut Oil can be semi-solid like butter or it is liquid, I think it depends on the temperature.

I like sauteed mushrooms plain. I could have added them to a hot soup of 25 cents per package ramen with veggies and topped with a boiled egg; or add them to a medley of button mushrooms for an earthy Mushroom Soup (like I did in this recipe, here.) But they don't show up cheaply very often so I just wanted to enjoy them sauteed in Coconut Oil.

My Mushrooms Sauteed in Coconut Oil can be served right out of the frying pan, or add them warm on a fresh green salad or a fave protein. They can also go into your favorite pasta dish.

When you find mushrooms on sale then give them a quick saute in Coconut Oil for a tasty snack or add to a fave entree.

Mushrooms Sauteed in Coconut Oil  - VIDEO

Play it here, video runs 3 minutes 10 seconds

My YouTube video link for viewing or embedding, just click here.

Ingredients (1 to 2 servings)
  • Fresh mushrooms - about 4 to 5 ounces. I cooked with mushrooms I found on sale, called Champignon, but okay to use regular white and brown button mushrooms or any favorite you like.
  • 1 tablespoon coconut oil - Okay to use any tasty veggie oil you like.
  • Salt and pepper - optional. I did not season this recipe, but you can.

Prepare mushrooms. If there is dirt then brush or scrape off. Discard dried or old stems from any mushroom cap.

Slice or break apart mushrooms into bite sizes. You can leave whole for smaller button mushrooms. You can also break apart mushrooms after sauteing.

Over a medium-hot pan coconut oil, then add mushrooms.

Depending on the size of mushrooms you can saute each side for a couple minutes each, until soft and slightly browned. Saute about 3-5 minutes total. Time will depend on the temperature of the frying pan and the thickness of mushrooms.

A quick saute is what you want - best not to overcook mushrooms.

Serve warm is best.

Sunday, October 6, 2019

White Castle Hamburgers - Video Review

Fresh from the microwave my latest Deal of the Day is a White Castle Original Slider from my local Dollar Tree. You get 2 tiny dinner roll sized burgers, so you could say I'm living small, not large!

This Cheap$kate Dining Deal is from White Castle, the first hamburger chain in the United States started in 1921. The chain originated in Wichita, Kansas started by Walt A. Anderson. You can read White Castle's interesting history by clicking here.

I never had a White Castle Hamburger until I moved to Los Angeles. And that first bite was over a decade ago when you could get them at a pop-up fast food joint on Hollywood Boulevard, as a promotion for the release of the movie "Harold & Kumar Go to White Castle."

Now I sometimes get them at, of all places, The New Beverly Cinema in West Hollywood where they are sold as a movie concession meal alongside hot dogs, They are heated up in the microwave and sold two at a time for a few bucks. If you are a movie buff then The New Beverly Cinema, that's owned and often programmed by Director Quentin Tarantino, is the place to be.

Typical White Castle Burgers are simplicity itself - just a bun, fine-chopped onions, pickle, and a thin hamburger patty (but no pickle in frozen versions like below.)

I see packages of them now in grocery frozen deli cases, and lately, at my local Dollar Tree store - two burgers for a dollar! I immediately grabbed a couple of packages to do a Deal of the Day cheap$kate review for you.

Ralphs Supermarket frozen boxes of White Castle.

Click on any photo to see larger.

White Castle frozen sliders are the most popular ones on the market. They are sold cooked, frozen, and need to be reheated. These frozen versions do not have pickles since microwaving is involved - pickles and extreme heat are not meant for each other, but you can always add your own gherkin slices when the burger is ready to eat - kick them up a notch with a slice of American cheese.

White Castles are much smaller than I am used too - these burgers are closer to Happy Hour sliders. And that's okay with me.

The buns are actually white bread dinner rolls, and light and springy to the touch, even with microwaving - which only takes a minute or so. The buns hold up quite well and did not get soggy being zapped.

There is a sprinkling of finely chopped onion for a little extra texture. Because of microwaving they lose some crunch, but you can still taste slight onion rawness. It reminds me of a Big Mac's use of minced onion - they are there to compliment, not overpower, like typical thick sliced onion can (In-n-Out burger fans know what I'm talking about.)

There is no ketchup, mustard or mayo, so add your own if desired.

Since the bun is small, the hamburger patty is too. These hamburgers are meant to be eaten in two or three bites - not enough heft to take the time for savoring too deeply. Most peculiar is 5 holes punched into the beef patty. I Googled to find out and the reason is the meat cooks evenly, yea right, sounds like phony baloney to me, more like it's to use less beef per patty!

The ground meat is lightly seasoned and has a slight onion powder flavor. The patty is very thin, so don't get these if you are jonesing for a meaty meal. But what is delivered by White Castle is still satisfying - especially for the Dollar Tree price point of $1 for 2 slider/burgers!

So, on my Cheap$kate Dining Scale of 1 to 9, 9 being best, I give deli case White Castle Hamburgers a solid... well watch the video below for my rating!

White Castle - Video Review

Play it here, video runs 2 minutes, 56 seconds.

My YouTube video link for viewing or embedding, just click here.

 White Castle Hamburgers are no competition for LA classics like In-N-Out Burger or Tommy's Burgers, but for a quick bite, they will do the trick, especially when I'm craving a snack at a midnight movie in the New Beverly Cinema.

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