Monday, January 16, 2012

Meet Your Food Blogger - Magazine Bio

Here is a cool article on yours truly, recently done by LA's excellent (and my personal favorite) local magazine, LA Weekly (website here.) What a great way to end 2011 -- or start 2012!)

Their online magazine carries a food blog section called Squid Ink that covers the city's vast and bustling cuisine culture -- everything from a review of ink., the happening new restaurant from Top Chef Michael Voltaggio, written by Pulitzer Prize-winner Jonathan Gold, to a month long series "30 Burger in 30 Days" by Elina Shatkin, along with daily national and international food headline coverage. I have Squid Ink bookmarked under Favorites. (If you want a great foodie resource, I would recommend you bookmark it as well, here.) The editorial slant is progressive and eclectic, just like my frugally-fashioned unconventional food blog.

I was contacted by LA Weekly journalist Daina Solomon just after Christmas. She wanted to revive a series the magazine last published in February of 2010 called "Meet Your Food Blogger." And, she wanted to resuscitate the series with an interview of the chintziest of culinarians, The 99 Cent Chef.

We first discussed it on Tuesday - did the interview at the LA Weekly on Wednesday - and the article was online by Friday.  Daina is a great interviewer, and she fashioned a comprehensive article in which she wrote about my blog origins and influences, while at the same time creating links to some favorite recipes and video posts from my last four years of blogging.

I especially like that she embedded a video from Restaurant Nocturnes, my  noir-lit nighttime collage of Los Angeles eateries from high-end to humble. I'm up to Restaurant Nocturne VII in this series and was wondering when the local media would pick up on it. It's an evocative photo/video/art series like no other. So, be sure to play Restaurant Nocturne I, which Daina embedded on page 2 of the article. (The other six Restaurant Nocturnes are linked on the right side of this blog - just scroll down to the heading "Restaurant Reviews - Videos & Photos" and click on any of them.)

This journalistic piece covers everything you wanted to know about The 99 Cent Chef (but were afraid to ask.) The first page is below. Click on the following links to see the original LA Weekly post: Page 1 and Page 2.


Shay said...

Great article! Just linked it to my Facebook page. Thanks so much for sharing recipes for great food at affordable prices...and making it fun at the same time!

twinkletoe said...

Loved reading about you Billy. You are a handsome dude!!
Love your blog too!

Billy Vasquez said...

Thanks Shay & Twinkletoe! ;-p

the actor's diet said...

was so happy to see you in one of my favorite reads!

Billy Vasquez said...

hi Lynn, the LA Weekly makes Thursdays better ;-p

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