Saturday, April 18, 2009

Savory Chicken and Rice - Deal of the Day

98% fat free and low sodium, Campbell's "Select Harvest Savory Chicken and Long Grain Rice" soup is a healthy Deal of the Day. Just check out my photo where I hold a real spoonful next to the can photo; this is a case of truth-in-advertising. Hefty white meat chunks of chicken with large pieces of carrot, celery and plump grains of rice in a savory broth, the one pound 2 oz. can is enough for a full meal. A convenient pop top can makes this soup portable and it microwaves hot in a couple of minutes.

As with all canned foodstuffs, the veggie texture is soft with overcooking, but the real chicken chunks hold up well, and the overall flavor is not overpowered by the common canning problem of too much salt. I picked up a few cans at this 99c only Store Thursday. Nothing beats mom's chicken soup, but for 99.99 cents Campbell's Select Harvest chicken soup is a comforting Deal of the Day.

 Using The 99 Cent Chef's 9 point rating system (9 being best), I give it a 7 !

And what goes with chicken soup? Grilled cheese of course! The Chef made a "Rainy Days & Grilled Cheese" video last year that you can view here.
April is officially "Grilled Cheese Month" and L.A. is celebrating downtown next Saturday April 25 with a "Grilled Cheese Invitational" celebration, click here for details to participate as a competitor or sampler.

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