Friday, November 26, 2010

3rd Year Blogging Anniversary - Video

With over 20 videos in the cookie jar this year, the Chintzy Chef pulls out a few tasty highlights from 2010. And what a year it's been! From a video recipe for my delicious Spaghetti Carbonara with Bacon Bits to a month-long  six-video series on local hot dog haunts. Ever had an L.A. Street Dog? Not only does the Chef take it to the streets to show you where to stuff your face, but I get back to the kitchen to provide step-by-step instructions on how you can make this tube steak classic, wherever you may be. Now that's sharing.

Now, this Chef does not live by encased meat alone.  I've also emphasized healthy fare this year -- be sure to try out these recipes for nutritious and delicious eats (click on name):
Thai Cucumber SaladVeggie Wrap with HummusWatermelon, Mango & Spinach SaladBraised Romaine Hearts, and a Wardorf Salad.

Ever eaten a live, ink-black spiny sea urchin?
My Chasing Sea Urchin video is not for the squeamish --but you'll get to enjoy a slapstick chase sequence straight out of a Buster Keaton silent comedy. And this year's highlights also include my travel videos --  take a careening, thrilling plunge down a Mammoth Mountain ski slope and then hit the apres ski happy hour, or come along to decadent, neon-lit Fremont Street in the old part of Las Vegas to search for a 99 cent Shrimp Cocktail. There's also a video diary documenting the great time had in Seattle shooting my Public TV cooking debut (be sure to view the behind-the-scenes featurette).

For all my local readers, I'm proud to tip you off to a new project I launched this year -- Restaurant Nocturnes, a twilight exploration of the up-to-the-minute scene featuring hip, classic, and old-school neighborhood eateries all over Los Angeles.  I post new entries 3 times a week on Twitter (click here). Restaurant Nocturnes is an arty photo/video series that lets me return to my street/documentary roots.

Each entry is short and sweet - showing the restaurant exterior, with thumbnail entree descriptions and some prices. I've done nearly 200 so far, covering everything from trendy convergence points, like The Gorbals in downtown L.A., owned by Top Chef winner Ilan Hall, to my favorite taco shack, Cactus on Vine Street in Hollywood, home of the city's tastiest flame-charred pork al pastor (after 8pm). I also created brief videos that include audio recorded at each location -- nighttime in L.A. has never looked and sounded so cool.  Zagat, forget about it -- this series is as  local as it gets, and is indispensable to any of my readers who plan on visiting our city. Click on the following links to view each of my three video compilations: Restaurant Nocturnes I, Restaurant Nocturnes II, & Restaurant Nocturnes III.

As I hit the three-year blogging mark (November 30th), I've only scratched the Teflon surface of the food world. And I have a lot more delicious recipes and outrageous ideas left to explore. You can expect the unexpected here: in the months to come, I'll present a 99 Cent Chef original recipe, The Loxaco, that combines Jewish and Mexican cuisines; my politically-charged Tea Party Chicken Soup, and a video cooking demo with my stuffed animal friends T-Bone and his girlfriend Honey Bunny.  Plus, I'm scheduled to make an appearance on the Cooking Channel!  It's going to be a fun year ahead, so do check back.  But first, click to play the video below, of culinary and comedy clips from my blogging third year!
The 99 Cent Chef's 3rd Year Anniversary - Video
Play it here. The video runs 6 minutes, 40 seconds.

A special 99 thanks to all my 99 Cent Players, including: Bob McGuinness (a cameo here), Pete Handelman (see his fun videos here), and journalist Jenny Cunningham; and also to my local markets and the 99c only Stores for offering all the great for-sale ingredients. Special thanks to L.A. restaurants, chefs and patrons for allowing The Chef shooting privileges. And the biggest thanks (with hugs) to my Number Taste Tester and Editor, my wife Amy.

To view or embed from Youtube click here.


Dinahsoar said...

Congratulations on 3 years. Love your blog. Hope you and yours had a good Thanksgiving.

Unknown said...

Happy 3-year blogging Anniversary!!! Happy blogging my friend and please continue to refresh us with interesting posts...

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congrats on completing 3 years of blog and 200 videos.
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