Sunday, November 30, 2008

One Year Anniversary - Video

The 99 Cent Chef food blog is one year old today!
To celebrate, the Chef presents the video that launched a thousand quips: "The 99 Cent Chef Goes Shopping". Made two years ago, this video was first featured in a group art gallery show. This art performance video takes the celebrity chef phenomena to absurdist lengths -- The 99 Cent Chef goes shopping, break dancing, and whips up an in-store cooking demo. 

I cooked up a fun Thai twist on Cup of Noodles to accompany the video on opening night -- incorporating a blanched asparagus spear, a few salad shrimp, and two tbsp. of coconut cream, a pinch of cumin powder, and hot water.

Basically, I catered the art opening party for free!

I would like to thank friends, family, fellow bloggers, and The 99 Cent Players for their contributions to his food blog videos-- they all make it entertaining and fun to do. Also, 99 thanks to the various media from the web, radio, and TV for getting the word out. And finally, I give the biggest thanks to my number one taste tester, Amy. She keeps the Chef from veering too far and has excellent taste.

The 99 Cent Chef Goes Shopping - Video

Play it here. The video runs 5 minutes 31 seconds.

The Cheap$kate Chef has many classic and outrageous recipes yet to come, including a French Cassoulet and a way out Imitation Bacon Bits Pasta Carbonara. Check back to see the fun and informative videos including The 99 Cent Chef Goes To Harvard, a food-themed Public Service Announcement and of course, more yummy recipe videos.
Cheers to all my visitors and check back soon.
Bon Appetit!

here to embed or view the video on youtube.


ben wideman said...

Congrats on reaching this milestone!

Dolce Deb's Designs said...

Congrats on your blog anniversary. Your video is a hoot!!!! I have a really nice 99 cent store near me and I love it. I think they will be a lot busier with the economy the way it is. Well here's to another great year for you and thanks for sharing.

Debbie/Phx AZ

Kimsue said...

Happy Anniversary, Chef!

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