Thursday, December 13, 2012

Deal of the Day - Beef Kabob

This is the most unappealing Deal of the Day I've oggled, but it's also one of the most delicious! It looks like something you would not want to step in. However, Culture Classics Beef Kabob is a delicious dynamite stick full of Middle Eastern spices.

The beef log is larger than a hot dog with a nice ground texture that stayed moist when I microwaved it. There is an intense and pleasing tumeric and sumac spice flavor with just a hint of pepper heat.  The beef kabob is nestled in a fat slab of pita bread sprinkled with rice, chopped bell pepper and onions.

frozen & thawed

The one drawback is that the pita gets soggy when micowaved. (Next time I would microwave the beef stick and pita bread until warm, then keep zapping the beef stick, and finish the pita in a frying pan.) A sprinkling of  chopped veggies, while small, gave the plain rice extra flavor. The package advertized a secret sauce, which will remain secret as there was little of it try and analyse. (I'll have to get another kabob and make notes on the secret sauce.)

And for 99 cents it's an incredible flavorful deal I picked up at my new favorite local market, Superior Grocers. I saw it while shopping for a Thanksgiving turkey, it was in the frozen food section (there are also Pork and Chicken Kabobs to try out.) I'm not sure how long these will be sold at this price so I'm getting a stack of them for office lunches.

For a cheap frozen meal I was surprised at the  short list of ingredients. Most frozen fare this inexpensive has a laundry list of additives that takes a Consumer's Dictionary of Food Additives to translate.

So, On The 99 Cent Chef's Deal of the Day rating system of 1 to 9, 9 being best, I could take off a point for a slightly soggy pita, but this was such a delicious change of office lunch pace, I'm giving Cultural Classics Beef Kabob a perfect 9 !

For any of you lucky enough to live near a Superior Grocers do pick one up and try it yourself, just be prepared for your office mates to rib you with a few popper scooper jokes.


Dinahsoar said... eye appeal for sure, but I'd buy it after reading your review.

KETA RITA said...

That's definitely something I would try based off your review...your "pooper scooper" analogy is hillarious though!

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