Monday, January 12, 2015

Culinary Coming Attractions for 2015

Would you like steaming bowl of Split Pea Soup on a cold and overcast winter's day?

How about a cool Korean style Cucumber Salad, or an old school party time Warm Artichoke Dip?

2015 is going to be one delicious year in my cheap$kate kitchen. I have some sumptuous eye candy for you, but you'll have to satiate your appetite with these digital bytes, until the real recipes soon show up, here.

 And I have plenty of recipe videos on the way, too. Most unusual is my Pozole video. It's an old world Mexican dish that is made with rehydrated spicy red chile pods, and slow cooked with pork and hominy. It is an intense one pot meal I know you will like - and it's not that hard to make, either.

I go extra cheap once again with my version of Chicken Parmesan. Usually expensive white meat breast is used. You can do it that way or try my version with boneless and skinless cheaper dark meat. And I break the rules again with a better way to keep the chicken moist. Check back for that one, it's a good one, and I'm sure the recipe will stir up a hornet's nest of comments.

And most outrageously, I hook up with my long lost brother from another mother, The Swamp Chef. My dad got around and now you have to suffer the consequences of his indiscretions in my wacky recipe video from Louisiana.

My Mom just turned 80 and is still cooking and I shot a video of her sweet and nutty candy Praline recipe.

All these cooking videos and blog post recipes are in various stages of completion and will be showing up in the next few months, along with a bunch of other food themed blog posts, including my latest arty nighttime exploration of the Los Angeles dining scene, Restaurant Nocturnes XIV.

So do check back for a lot of informative, creative, appetizing, entertaining, and  original food content -- coming at ya!


Louise said...

Can't wait Chef.

Na Na said...

Have you read the title of this post? Who would want spit soup?

Billy Vasquez said...

hi Na Na, I like split pea soup ;-p

Na Na said...

I like it too. The blog post title says "S P I T" not "S P L I T" Have a look.

Billy Vasquez said...

ha ha, funny I get it ;-p

Na Na said...

I got a big giggle out of it and thought you would too. I have a lot of the DUH moments. Now and then we just gotta laugh at ourselves.

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