Monday, August 10, 2020

On The Road - Driving & Eating

 Can't say I'm into airline travel these days, but a 4 wheel road trip is always welcome for a change of scenery. And boy do I have some scenery to show you, 

Do keep checking back for our wacky and tasty road stories that include awe-inspiring photos of Arches and Zion National Park, wacky truck stop finds like Scorpion Candy Suckers, and an Alien Abduction!!

My girlfriend's brother and family live about 13 hours away in Colorado so we had a few stops along the way for gas, food, and lodging. Of course, we wore masks and tried to keep our distance. Most people we met on the road did the same. 

We took our time and made an overnight stop after 5 or 6 hours. One memorable one was in Springdale, Utah, beneath mountain shadows of Zion National Park. 

We stayed in Pioneer Lodge that supplied plenty of coffee and a huge Croissant Breakfast Sandwich for the road. A nice place but a bit steep in price -- we had other overnights that were a lot cheaper, so it all balances out in the end.

Now the tricky part of eating on the road is eating & driving. The Breakfast Sandwich is best eating warm so here is my solution to that, just watch below to see how I do it.

So do check back for more of our adventures On The Road.


B. Keene said...

What a trip. You traveled to some amazing places . Good going on masking up.

Unknown said...

Great idea for heating a sandwich or two on a hot day. My husband used to heat the bean burritos I packed him for lunch on top of his monitor (way back when they were CRTs--had lotsa heat coming from those puppies). Of course I don't think his burritos got as warm as your b-fast sandwiches did from the dashboard.

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