Thursday, May 22, 2008

Deal of the Day - Dried Fruit

When is pineapple not pineapple? When it is bright orange, not yellow; sliced into ovals, not rings, and most of all: when it's flavored like a mango. Don't be thrown-off by the description, this dried fruit confection is quite tasty. On the way home after hitting the 99c only Store, the Chef often rewards himself with a 5 oz. package of Champion Mango Flavored Pineapple from the National Raisin Company.
It's real dried fruit and has a dried pineapple texture, although a little on the sweet side; you just need to get over the silly concept of re-flavoring and recoloring a perfectly good dried pineapple - that's one reason 99c only Stores are so dear to the Chef: tasty food presented slightly off-kilter.

The Chef has purchased a cornucopia of dried fruits from 99c only Stores: black and golden raisins, apricots, dates, figs and the aggressively digestive prune. The simplest servings are mixed into hot oatmeal or over your favorite breakfast cereal; they also jazz up the stuffing in a baked bird, and the Chef has a delicious Stuffed Poblano Chile recipe with raisins, click here.

So keep a lookout for dried fruit, and wait until you get home before you eat these prunes!

Coming soon, a new video.
The 99 Cent Chef's years of
British Pub research yields a delicious recipe:
99 Cent Fish & Chips!

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