Thursday, January 14, 2010

The 99 Cent Chef Goes To Harvard - Video

From the hallowed historic halls of Princeton University to tree-lined dappled sidewalks of Wellesly College, and esteemed lecture rooms from Harvard on the east coast to Stanford on the west coast, The 99 Cent Chef's blog has been somewhere on campus, according to my blog visitor tracking service Sitemeter.

At least once a month an Ivy League domain name pops-up after a visit to the Chef's food blog. Is tuition so expensive that graduate students need food budget tightening ideas? Maybe The 99 Cent Chef blog is a footnote in a Yale business major's term paper; or perhaps a Stanford economics professor is adding a bit of lecture hall levity showing one of the Chef's humorous food themed videos. Is a homesick Wellesley College comely coed yearning for a home-styled recipe?

In my "The 99 Cent Chef Goes To Jail" video I imagined a prison break (click here). And this month "The 99 Cent Chef Goes To Harvard". See what happens when the Chef's food blog breaches an erudite and scholarly east coast Ivy League citadel!

The 99 Cent Chef goes to Harvard - Video

Play it here. The video runs 1 minute, 46 seconds.

99 thanks to 99 Cent Player Jay Cotton. And congratulations too, as Jay is part of Pee-Wee Herman's live comeback show at Club Nokia in Los Angeles. Jay's musical styling are featured, as well as a new song he created for this thrilling stage show.

Click here to view or embed from youtube.

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