Monday, February 24, 2014

Oscar Party Entree Winners are...

And the Best Oscar Entree goes to...YOU! Come and accept your award winning chow and pass it around to your Oscar party guests.

Start with a dish straight from the American heartland, Nebraska Roasted Cream Corn. In the movie Bruce Dern plays a crotchety old coot on a journey to collect his (imaginary) sweepstakes winnings. And this dish from the Cheap$kate Critic is perfect to serve retirees in an old folks' home. Chowing down on the tender kernels of smokey corn (slow-cooked in half and half) the seniors can leave out the dentures, turn up their hearing aids, and enjoy the Oscar telecast.

For my Nebraska Roasted Cream Corn recipe click here, and the trailer is here.

Belly up to the BBQ grill and get some vittles.You'll get raucous whoopin' and hollerin' when you bring out a platter of my  Dallas Buyers Club BBQ Pulled Pork Sliders. The heck with movie star dieting -- as you watch these anorexics amble to the stage to accept an award, you can kick back with a brewski and indulge in meaty smoked pork sliders, with a side of coleslaw. Just click here to get a gander at all the recipe details.

My video recipe above uses hamburger buns, but get more of a spread with smaller dinner rolls to make BBQ Pork Sliders. The Dallas Buyers Club trailer is here.

My East Coast-style American Hustle Clam Dip will have your guests doing the Bump in no time. While the movie is just warmed-over and microwaved Scorsese-lite, it's still a good-time confection. Made with drained canned clams and sour cream, this pungent white dip is as classic as a disco leisure suit. Use low fat sour cream, so you can bust a move while tripping the light fantastic on the dance floor. It's time to adjust your comb over and get to mixing up my tasty appetizer by clicking here.

To see what I'm rapping about, click here and watch the American Hustle trailer.

One bite of my Gravity Lighter Than Air Meatballs and your party  will float on cloud nine with pleasure.

I make my meatballs with ground turkey or chicken, and toss in some cooked spinach and toasted bread crumbs, along with an egg. This cuts down on the fat, so you can fit into any cramped quarters. And I guarantee no leftover debris on the plate. Click here for the recipe, while the movie trailer is here.

In the Best Actress nominated Philomena, Judi Dench gives up her conceived-out-of-wedlocked child. Well, just place a large luscious plate of Philomena Irish Shephards Pie and I guarantee orphans from everywhere will beat a path to your Oscar dinner table. An if your a man of the cloth, then you'll hold your head up again if you spoon out extra large servings. And the recipe is just a click away here.

To see the Philomena trailer just click here.

Hey, wealth-extracting Wall Street fat cats, come and get it. If you're like the predatory slime depicted in the Wolf of Wall Street, I have a way you can redeem yourselves at your Oscar Party. Put on the Ritz and serve up some Wolf of Wall Street Portabella Crab Rockefeller. The recipe is so easy even a hedge fund manger can make it! 

I created this recipe using a Tiffany tinned bauble of canned crab, but if your stock just spit then get expensive fresh crab from your fave seafood market. For the rest of us in the cheap seats, fake krab is a tasty budget-wise substitution. I often find expensive portabella mushrooms at my local 99c only Store. The other ingredients of cream, spinach and cheese are cheap enough. So click here to get the recipe and serve up my Wolf of Wall Street Portabella Crab Rockefeller and watch as your guest swing from the chandelier with delight after a few flutes of champagne and this rich tasting entree. The Wolf of Wall Street trailer is here.

Throw off the chains of haute cuisine and dish up my Southern comfort entree, 12 Years a Slave Black-eyed Peas.

This pot of goodness will have your Oscar party guest scraping the plate for every tender legume. And, man is this entree cheap. From the sweat of your brow, you'll get enough food to feed your captive Oscar audience. My recipe is here, and the 12 Years a Slave trailer is here.

Hmmm...don't quite know how Her made it into the Oscar category amongst such heavy hitters. With a limp biscuit of a character that even Jaoquin Phoenix can't leaven, this fattened souffle of a flick left me starved for entertainment. 

But my Her LA Street Hot Dog is a perfect contrast to the bland flavors delivered by that milktoast movie. A LA Street Dog is wrapped in bacon and topped with grilled onion and bell pepper - it's one delish hot mess your guest will fall-head-over-heals for. Just check out my recipe video below, and click here to see the Her trailer.

So try out any of my Oscar-themed recipes. You're sure to get a standing O, and have your acceptance speech ready because the golden statuette for Best Entree at an Oscar Party will be yours.

And as a special bonus here is my Oscar Special video from a few years ago -- just check out the Cheap$kate Thespian hamming it up.

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