Thursday, June 11, 2015

Teriyaki Chicken - Deal of the Day

The Great Wall of China should surround my latest Deal of the Day. And the reason why? To keep any sucker from trying Yu Sing Asian Style Cuisine's Teriyaki Chicken.

My latest sad excuse for a Deal of the Day has the two worse aspects of frozen fare: over-cooked veggies and mystery meat.

First, the veggies are steamed to blandness. I detected a few stands of carrot, and the broccoli was overcooked and  tasteless. I didn't think they could find such tiny, fingernail-sized, pieces of broccoli. (In this case that's a good thing, as I usually complain on the portion size when veggies are included.)

Pineapple is of the canned type and  mushy. It's the only ingredient that stands out, but just barely.

The teriyaki sauce was not too sweet, and the rice is okay - those are the only two good things to mention about this sad Deal of the Day. The rice grains are not glued together, like some defrosted fare.

Chicken is from a processed loaf. Is it white meat or dark meat? I couldn't figure it out. It's just like biting into a chicken-flavored makeup sponge wedge.

I can see why this cheap$kate frozen meal castoff finally ended up in a Dollar Tree - too bad they are extending the shelf life.

Well, I think you can can guess my Deal of the Day rating of Yu Sing Asian Style Cuisine's Teriyaki Chicken, from 1 to 9, 9 being best. This frozen entree gets a generous 2. Mainly for the rice and teriyaki sauce.

If President Nixon during his China trip had brought any of this back, he would have been forced to resign even earlier. So, I recommend a food blockade of  Yu Sing Asian Style Cuisine's Teriyaki Chicken!


KETA RITA said...

Here is the funny part, whenever I am in a Dollar Tree or discount store that has a freezer section I always see people loading their carts up with those types of dinners...I just can't do it. I never understood why frozen food companies just dont put raw frozen veggies in the dish so that when you microwave it, it comes out perfectly steamed and crunchy?

james c palma said...

Biggest rip
Off ever. Will never again buy this shit ! Extremely pissed

Billy Vasquez said...

Hi James C. Palma, you have to understand that I get spam, so I screen comments. Yeah, this Deal of the Day was a ripoff - so I'm getting the word out!

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