Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Wife Approved Recipes

Come and get it! My number one taste tester tells me when she likes something I've cooked. Fried Pig Skin does not make the cut, neither does an Alligator Po'Boy. Her preferences tend to be lighter fare, but since she's lived in the South (like me) in her salad days, she enjoys my forays into BBQ like a Pulled Pork Recipe.

To see a list of her likes, just scroll down into my food blog and look for this photo of her with the heading "Wife Approved Recipes". You can click on any recipe listed below her photo, until you get to the new heading of "VIDEOS - Recipes".

Some of her favorites are vegetarian, like: Whole Steamed Artichoke, a Mexican vegetable soup called Calabasitas, and a decadent dessert of Mini-Pecan Pies made by her mother-in-law.

Since we live in Los Angeles, many Wife Approved Recipes are things we've shared at local restaurants, and that I've later tried to replicate at home. When we were first going out, our go-to neighborhood choice on date night was Mexico City Restaurant in Los Feliz.

Amy always ordered the Fish Veracruz, a yummy tender fish fillet smothered in a fragrant oregano, garlic, and tomato sauce with pungent green olives. Click here to see that recipe.

I ordered the Pollo en Mente or Mint Chicken (which is Wife Approved.) You can read about one of our nights out at Mexico City Restaurant by clicking here. And Mexico City Restaurant is still around serving their tasty take on Latin cuisine.

Often I've hungrily peered into the refrigerator to see what she's eating. Sometimes I've raided her purchase of a prepared salad from Trader Joe's, our local cheaper version of Whole Foods Market. One of her favorites is a Trader Joe's chilled salad called: Curried White Chicken Deli Salad. I liked it so much that I came up with my own cheapie version (using dark meat instead of more expensive white meat,) just a click away here.

When you live with someone, you can't help being influenced by their eating habits. Look no further than my list of Wife Approved Recipes for all the deliciousness our life together has shown me.

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