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Superbowl Recipes - Touchdown!

Head to the end zone for a long pass of recipes from The Culinary Quarterback. Are you ready for Superbowl Sunday? The Fried Pig Skin Lovin' Chef has some tasty football food that will leave enough green in your wallet to buy an extra keg for your tailgate party.

Repainted Randy's Donuts in Los Angeles, just for Super Bowl LIII

Los Angeles has Superbowl fever and the above donut shop, Randy's Donuts, made special edition pastries in honor of the Los Angeles Rams. And they were so good I made a video below that features two kinds, a Sprinkles Donut and a Donut Bar with vanilla filling.

So if you are looking for regular eats for your Superbowl Party, I got your halfback, I mean back. There are no fumbles in this recipe list!

It's East Coast New England Patriots versus Westcoast Los Angeles Rams for Superbowl LIII. Which coast is the most delicious coast? Well read on and you pick the winner this time!

New England Patriots fans will eat up my riff on an East Coast favorite Lobster Roll -- a cheaper Scallop Roll. This recipe is so scrumptious it was featured on the Huffington Post website! Click here to see the write-up.

  Scallop Roll

If game day is freezing cold in New England, then throw another log on the fire and gather in front of the big screen with a steaming bowl of my cheap$kate Clam ChowderPatriot fans will throw off their warming blankets, peel off their gloves, and line up for a big bowl.

 Stuff your face Los Angeles Rams-style! Start with a reverse flea-flicker of a recipe called, Carnitas. Hours of braising reduce a pork shoulder to a tender and succulent Mexican-style taco filling. I even throw in the pigskin for extra flavor. Carnitas are what I order for late-night noshing at a taco truck.

My recipe for a LA Street Dog is a freeway pileup of flavors that make an end-run around any hot dog out there.

A Los Angeles fan favorite is a California Roll. Like a stadium wave, this California spin on Japanese sushi has traveled to grocery deli cases all around the country. And it uses cheap imitation crab so you will save big bucks on usually expensive seafood.

Both Coasts love Pizza on game day. You can avoid the long lines at Domino's or Shakey's Pizza and make your own cheaply with my recipe that uses pre-made cooked pizza crusts from the Dollar Tree store.

What's great about making your own Individual Pizza, is everyone can add the ingredients they like. I like anchovies and an egg on mine -- I know no one else would order that one!

Just set out a stack of individual pizza crusts and a few bowls of pepperoni, shredded cheese, black olives, fresh basil leaves, Italian sausage, a fave jar of marinara sauce -- you get the picture. And it only takes 10 minutes or so in a hot oven and they are done!

Next to pizza and hot dogs, Fried Chicken is a fan favorite and no one fries chicken better than this Cheap$kate Game Changer.

I've come up with a crunchy coating that will empty the bleachers and have fans storming the kitchen! Get Superbowl Sunday going with my Fried Chicken Sandwich Recipe, or use my special flour and spice mix for regular bone-in chicken pieces. Fry up a batch of chicken to handoff when the coin is tossed to start the game.

Bring more Southern flavor to your kitchen, no matter what State you are in. Fans will take a half-time break and huddle around your cast iron pot of my fragrant and spicy Chicken & Sausage Jambalaya and Cajun Gumbo.

 Mom's Chicken and Sausage Gumbo

In Louisiana, we put a dollop of Cajun Potato Salad on our Gumbo. If you don't believe me just check out the video below.

You gotta serve BBQ if you are tailgating on game day in the parking lot of  U.S. Bank Stadium, in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Fans, I have the perfect recipe for you, a succulent and smoky BBQ Pulled Pork recipe. My recipe is easy and cheap to make, of course. Just check out the video below or click here to see all the tasty recipe details.

If a meaty bowl of Homemade Chili and a mug of icy cold beer are what you crave on game day then you've come to the right place.

Or go straight up the middle with a tray of Teriyaki Spam Musubi. Weave through the living room backfield with a pile of Mexican Carnitas Tacos (slow-cooked pork) and you'll be lucky to make it through without being sacked!

While everyone's watching the pre-game show send in any of my delicious sideline sides and appetizers, including: Bacon Wrapped Dates and Brussels SproutsTomato & Basil BruschettaDeviled EggsPortabella Mushroom FriesSweet Fried PlantainsCeviche with Avocado and Black Beans, and Chicken Satay with Peanut Sauce.

Football zealots are not just meat, but potato fanatics too. I like mine grilled, how about you? Well, I got Grilled Yellow and Orange Sweet Potato recipes for you to try.

Start Superbowl Sunday with a couple of omelet recipes, including my French-style Cheese Omelette

And just click here to see my Veggie Frittata recipe that will feed all your hungry team players (go ahead and add some ham pieces to fill out the frittata.)

And, everyone will huddle around sandwich plates of gooey, cheesy Patty Melts, hearty Meatball Subs, Homemade Deli PastramiFalafel Pitas, and steaming Sloppy Joe's.

If you're looking for one-pot meals, so you don't miss any action on the field, just check out my Pork BourguignonFrench CassouletChicken Tinga Stew,  Mr. Patti's Red Beans & RiceBaked Pasta with Cheese and CauliflowerBaked Lasagna with Ground ChickenShepherd's Pie, or Sausage & Sauerkraut with Beer recipes.

Baked Lasagna with Ground Chicken

 Looking for a sneak-play recipe? How about a different twist on Buffalo Wings with my African Spiced Water Buffalo Wings? This original recipe features chicken legs, but you can substitute wings.

Tired of stale, soggy stadium hot dogs? I have a great and easy Corn Dog Recipe made with Vienna sausages -- but you can use regular wieners. Your hungry guest will not be offsides dipping these crunchy coated pig skins into my tasty Honey-mustard Sauce.

Since you have the fryer going you might as well make a batch of my Krispy Kreme Doughnuts. They're as light and airy as the Goodyear blimp.

So get your backfield in motion and click on any of my tasty treat names above to watch an instant reply of recipes from my blog. Your guest will be cheering you on -- from their cheap seats!


Ellen Bloom said...

OMG! Billy! You're giving us too many choices! SUCH GREAT RECIPES! Thank you. I've never thought about making my own pastrami, but now I just might. Thanks for the inspiration! Go Rams!

99 Cent Chef said...

thanks Ellen, a simple Pastrami version is to use already corned beef to start and then smoke it for about an hour or so -- close enough and I think even better as it is fresh smoked and has not been sitting in a deli display case.

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