Tuesday, January 1, 2019

My Top 9 Recipes of 2018

As for year-end lists, my Top 9 Recipes of 2018 is one you can really sink your teeth into. And all of my top picks are deliciously cheap to make. Just click on any recipe name to see the original 2018 blogpost for tasty photos and my money-saving tips, and be sure to play any embedded video below. The ranking order is random and not by delectability, so go ahead and dig in!

1. Country Gravy with Sausage
Let's start with a Southern breakfast I had as a child, Country Gravy with Sausage. Rich creamy gravy studded with breakfast sausage over hot biscuits are a heavy lift, but oh so satisfying. I also add eggs over-easy to mine.

2. Cherry Pancakes
On the flip side fresh fruit for breakfast is my preferred start of the day. I can't wait for cherry season and when it comes I slice and pit fresh ones for Yogurt with Cherries and Cherry Pancakes.

3. Spinach and Cheese Omelet
It only takes an extra minute of sauteing spinach and you have the makings of a delicious Omelet. I take it a bit over the top with the addition of cheese.

4. Avocado Toast
Here in California avocados are everywhere, even drooping from neighborhood trees. And while Avocado Toast has been played to death on local menus, there is a reason...it's freaking good! Nothing to this recipe, the hard part is picking an avocado that will turn rich and creamy. Click on the recipe name for my avocado picking tips.

5. Mom's Shrimp and Rice
If you are a frequent visitor to my food blog, you know when Mom is in the kitchen the sparks will fly and a delicious homemade recipe is always the result. I grew up in a small town where my grandfather worked as a shrimp boat captain, so you know Mom's Shrimp and Rice is the real thing and deserves to be a Top 9 Recipe every year!

6. Chicken & Tuna Salads
This is a 2fer Top 9 Recipe using canned tuna or poached chicken to make mayo-creamy salads. I like my Loaded Tuna Salad with the addition of sliced green olives and a chopped boiled egg, I think you will too.

I enjoy a bit of crunch with my Chicken Salad. Fresh chopped celery is added along with typical mayo and mustard, pickle relish and chopped onion. And I like to serve it between a sliced toasted bagel -- soooo goooood!

7. Mushroom Cream Soup
Cold days and nights are perfect for my Mushroom Cream Soup. I use heavy cream for the recipe, but if you want a lighter vegan version just click here to see it. I'm not sure why, but all kinds of mushrooms have been showing up at my local 99c only Stores, including Shiitake, Portabella, and Oyster mushrooms. You can use any local shrooms you get on sale with my recipe, even plain white button mushrooms.

8. Lamb Curry with Vegetables
This Top 9 Recipe is not for the faint of palate. Pungent lamb is combined with a spicy curry sauce, but with my addition of fresh veggies, the strong flavors are softened. So I think anyone can enjoy the recipe.

9. Turkey Carnitas
Mexican Pork Carnitas are the norm, but lately, I've noticed a Turkey version at my local Latin Market, made with turkey thighs and legs, and I thought to make my own version. Carnitas are for tacos and burritos, and this recipe is a tasty take on my local taco truck favorite. If you have pork dietary restrictions, then this recipe is for you. Serve it at your next party and it will be a favorite for your guests, too.

It has been a fruitfully abundant year of recipes here at the Cheap$kate Chateau. I did the heavy lifting for you, so now all you have to do is pick a recipe link and save yourself some hard-earned cash by trying out any of the above. And if you have a favorite recipe of mine, then leave a comment to share.

And make sure to keep checking in here from time to time. I create yummy-looking blog posts with a dollop of humor, and while my tastes are cheap, my recipe flavors are top shelf !


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