Sunday, December 9, 2007

Ice Cream & Beer?

Let me first start out with an apology. This posting may cause a dangerous increase in your calorie intake.
Ben & Jerry's "Black & Tan" pint servings of ice cream are at my local 99c only Store. I love the cover photo of a pint of beer.
Is "Black & Tan" on sale because the public is not ready for a "Cream Stout" flavored ice cream?
The 99 Cent Chef is ready!
If French children, at the dinner table, can sip wine; why not America's youth indulging in Stout flavored ice cream for dessert?
Hey Ben & Jerry's, do you take ice cream flavor suggestions? How about "Tequila Sunrise Sherbet," I would order that in a minute! Anyone else have a new ice cream flavor for Ben & Jerry's?
Add your flavorful post to "comments."


Diana Kohne said...

Dear Uncle 99 cent chef, I made icecream by shaking some milk in a bag of salt or something like that. I bet you could make some 99 cent icecream. I'd like for my coffee icecream to be able to replace my morning coffee. I'll bet green tea icecream would be good.

Unknown said...

I found caramel pretzel ice cream by bryers at the 99 cent store last time I was there...I couldn't believe it.

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