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Avocado & Cheese Omelet - Video Recipe

We get some crazy sale prices on avocados out here on the West Coast, everything from a couple of dollars per large avocado, to six tiny ones for a buck.

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I usually make a guacamole, or add sliced avocado to my burgers, sandwiches and of course salads. Sometimes I load an omelet with avocado and melty cheese -- what a decadent way to start the day!

You can see how easy and quick it is to make by watching my Avocado & Cheese Omelet recipe video right here:

Play it here. Video runs 1 minute 51 seconds.

My local Latin grocery has the best avocado deals closest to home. They come in all sizes, but the smallest ones are cheapest and just big enough for a single serving. I find large avocados just too much of a good thing, unless I'm throwing a taco party, where no avocado will go to waste.

I get cheese at my local Dollar Tree and 99c only Stores. You can use any favorite cheese you have on hand, or find on sale. The main thing is that the cheese is soft enough to melt. I've used everything from string cheese to cheddar and mozzarella.

Eggs aren't as cheap as they used to be, but are still a good value, at least nutrition-wise. And sometimes I can get a dozen, or half dozen, medium eggs at my local Dollar Tree.

For this recipe I made a damp, French-style omelette. First mix all the eggs, then you gently scramble until they just start to firm up.

Spread out the eggs to cover bottom of omelet pan, and while egg is still damp, add slices of avocado and cheese. Finally fold omelet to close it. At this point you continue cooking until omelet reaches desired doneness. I like mine a little damp in the middle, but you can cook it all the way through, too.

It's okay to use any favorite omelet cooking style you like. If you are worried about damp egg omelet, then just cook it firm, like an old school truck stop diner. This omelet is more about the yummy avocado and cheese embellishments.

When avocados come on sale, do try my delish Avocado & Cheese Omelet.

Ingredients (one large omelet)
  • 3 eggs - okay to make it a 2 egg omelet. I used medium size eggs.
  • 1/2 avocado sliced - I used half an small avocado per omelet.
  • Cheese - about a slice, but add as much or little as you like. Okay to use any favorite cheese, like: mozzarella, Swiss, Jack, string, cheddar, or plain American.
  • 1 pat of butter - about 1 teaspoon. Okay to use a favorite cooking oil.
  • Salt and pepper to taste. I find that cheese is salty enough for me, so I just sprinkle on some pepper.

Open and remove avocado seed. Slice into avocado halves and scoop out flesh. It is up to you how thick to slice avocado.

Prepare cheese if necessary. Slice or crumble cheese.

Add 2 to 3 eggs to a bowl, I made mine with 3 medium sized eggs. Whisk eggs to blend well.

Over medium heat, add a teaspoon of butter or fave oil to omelet pan. Spread oil or butter over bottom of pan.

Pour in beaten eggs into medium/hot pan. Lightly scramble eggs. Let the omelet cook until eggs are starting to firm up, but still wet. It takes a minute or two, depending on heat of pan and how many eggs you used.

Spread out eggs to cover bottom of omelet pan as eggs firm up.

I sprinkle on the cheese first so it will melt, then add slices of avocado.

Gently fold the omelet in half. Cook omelet to desired doneness, about another 30 seconds to a minute. It's up to you how well done the omelet turns out.

Just slice into the thickest part of omelet to check for preferred doneness. Of course, you can cook the omelet any way you like. A hot omelet will continue to cook until eaten.

I finish the Avocado & Cheese Omelet with a little black pepper and fresh sliced green chives (optional.)

It's okay to use your fave omelet cooking technique, like just letting egg firm in pan without scrambling, adding cheese and egg, then folding it in half. Click here to see my truck stop diner-style omelet.

My YouTube video link for viewing or embedding, just click here.

Monday, January 8, 2018

Best Cheap$kate Food Finds of 2017

Deals Deals Deals - come and get 'em! Well, if you are a frequent visitor, you have seen some of these photos illustrating my delish recipes, and special Deal of the Day reviews like below (click on names to see original review.)

I get comments all the time how awful dollar and 99 cent stores must be. I can't argue that, there's an abundance of dross and Frankenstein food stuffs -- hey, you get what you pay for. But I am a bottom feeder on a budget, with over a decade of blog experience picking out the best for less.

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I gotta give it up to my local 99c only Store and Dollar Tree. Without them my food blog would be anemic and barren. When I'm low on food, I will go to a regular grocery store for coffee and fresh baked bread, fresh seafood and specialty cuts of meat, but I always make time for a quick stop at my fave cheap$kate 99 cent and dollar stores for food deals.

99 thanks and keep stocking the shelves for starving students, hardworking minimum wage earners, retirees on a budget, single parent families, and everyone else without much change to spare.

This is a case were you want to be an impulsive shopper - walk past one of these cheap$kate deals below, and by the time you get home, change your mind and head back to get the deal, well, it will likely be gone.

Here's what you're missing all you nasayers and snooty gourmands. Sometimes you gotta bite the bullet. But don't worry all my fellow penny-pinching gastronomers, the 99 Cent Chef has your back, or at least your stomach. So check out my:

Best Cheap$kate Food Finds of 2017
White Asparagus

It's Smoothie-time!

I love cherries the most, especially for 99.99 cents per pound!

Dollar Tree is strictly second string. Mainly they lack a deep bullpen of fresh veggies and fruit. But they do get on base often and sometime even hit a chintzy home run. Round the bases below for some of the budget finds  that will have you cheering from the cheap dinner table seats.

Looks like these great minds do think alike.

Biscotti & Coffee --  I sometimes satiate my sweet tooth in the morning.

Dollar Tree crackers and 99c only Store vegan cream cheese -- can we all get along? It's only a tenth of a penny that separates them. And these crackers by Greta would also pair nicely with my Homemade Clam Dip.

I've heard it said 99 cent Stores don't carry "organic" - well, eat your words.

  Happy Hour!


And keep checking back for another year of scrumptious blog postings!

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