Saturday, February 9, 2008

The 99 Cent Chef's Oscar Special - Video Short

In The Chef's latest video, he has created an Oscar worthy entree for each Best Picture Nominee. Which entree is deserving of a Golden Whisk? You do not have to be an Academy member to cast a ballot -- just vote in the "comments" section.
Oscar Video

Play it here. The video runs 3 minutes.

Some 99 Cent Best Picture Entree ingredients:
The Chef is a bit of a trickster, but the Oscar he is holding in the video is real. If you are in L.A., the Oscar is yours to hold, too. On level 4 at the Hollywood & Highland Central Courtyard (click here for info) actual Oscars are on display until February 23rd, and a special photo op area is set up for the public; so bring your camera, get your acceptance speech ready and hoist the Golden Boy high.
Last year The Chef made the pilgrimage and shot a "Real People and Oscar" video (click here) that you can check out. "Real People and Oscar 2008" is here.

To refamilarize yourself with the Best Picture nominees, click on a title to view the trailers of:
"Atonement," "Michael Clayton," "Juno,"There Will Be Blood," and "No Country For Old Men."

And the Golden Whisk goes to: Tex-Mex Taco, Baloney Sandwich, Hot Dog, Turkey Chili, or British Baked Beans on Toast? Vote in comments!

99 thanks to Pete Handelman for his direction, camerawork and voiceovers.
Click here to see Pete's hilarious videos.
To embed or view the Chef's video from youtube, click here.


Anonymous said...

Best one yet!

Diana Kohne said...

I'll cast my best entree vote for the tex-mex taco, although the best perfomance goes to Juno and baby enjoying a hot dog.

Sara'sMom said...

Hey, Oscar looks vaguely familiar. I have to agree on the Taco but of course I'd have to vote with Corman McCarthy since he resides in my hometown, even though "No Country..." doesn't live up to the prose of "All the Pretty Horses".

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