Monday, September 8, 2008

Deal of the Day - Orecchiette with Broccoli

This Deal of the Day feeds two easily, and is a complete vegetarian pasta entree in a frozen package. The ear-shaped dumpling pasta called Orecchiette is similar to gnocchi. As with most pre-prepared meals this pasta entree is a little on the salty side (try adding a pinch of sugar,) but everything else about it is first rate.

The garlic and olive oil sauce is light and flavorful with a small amount of red chili pepper flake heat, while the bits of broccoli still have crunch -- not soggy at all (although the Chef would have liked larger broccoli florets.) The pasta is al dente, just the way the Chef likes it, and barely takes 10 minutes to heat up on your stove top. Bertolli is a fine pasta maker and this dish is a great Deal of the Day. The Chef picked up a few one pound packages at this 99c only Store in Santa Monica today; hopefully it is carried in the frozen case at your local 99c only Store.

This just in -- the 99c only Store is soon the 99.99c only Store. Is The 99 Cent Chef allowed to use ingredients that cost 99.99 cents?
Let me know with a comment.

Next up is a new video. Who are The 99 Cent Chef visitors? Well, the Chef is watching with a free visitor tracking service called Site Meter. Don't worry, this service does not show your email address, it only shows the visitor's state and country of origin, time and length of visit, and how many blog pages were viewed. Sometimes a business or government name is shown -- like Wal-Mart, Harvard University, or even The House of Representatives. The Chef's only real contact with visitors is when they kindly leave a comment, otherwise he has to use his imagination, and that is what his new video series is about. The first "Visitors" video is called "The 99 Cent Chef Goes To Jail." Be sure to check back to see what the Chef and his 99 Cent Players have in store for you !!

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Pasadena Adjacent said...

Pasadena Adjacent
yes, go on doing what you do. When I post my 99.999 cent dinner, I'll be sure to link to you.

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