Sunday, May 24, 2009

A Breakfast Hot Mess & Coffee Comedy Video #2

Food is funny and so is coffee. In the last "Coffee Comedy" video, the silent movie pratfall device, the banana peel, was front and center. In my latest video, which features the bucolic ellipsoidal...well, you will have to watch what funny food prop The Chef has up his bathrobe sleeve.

Coffee Comedy Video #2
Play it here. The video runs 1 minute, 4 seconds.

Not for the faint of palate, this breakfast double "Deal of the Day" is one hot mess. I fortified with a bottle of Tums and prune juice for cleansing. From the frozen case of this 99c only Store I picked up a "6-pack" of buttermilk pancakes by Breakfast Choice, and Armour "Sizzle & Serve Original" sausage patties (9-count). Both are pre-cooked, so this breakfast has the makings of an early morning speedy meal.

After a week of healthy yogurt/fruit smoothies, veggie frittatas and whole grain cereal in soy milk, could this be a wicked worthwhile splurge of calories? It did not start out well.
First up, "Breakfast Choice Buttermilk Pancakes". I tried toasting one small 3 1/2 inch diameter pancake, per box directions. The toaster rendered it tough and dry. I tried another one by microwaving 30 seconds, covered with a sheet of wax paper. This time it was moist, although I miss the crispness from toasting; and once covered in syrup, it is suprisingly flavorful - coming from a pre-cooked frozen state, although the flavor does not stand up to homemade or even box mix pancakes.

On to Armour "Sizzle & Serve Original" sausage made from a combination of pork and turkey.

The box picture shows browned sausage patties; they actually look more like grey pucks. Once you get over that, they heat up quickly microwaved with the pancakes in about 30 seconds. The flavor is fine and does not render much grease with the addition of ground turkey, but once again, a crunchy caramelized skin from frying is sorely missed.

On The 99 Cent Chef's scale of 0 to 9, 9 being best, I give this hot mess of a breakfast a 4. A few points are taken off for appearance and texture, and you would not eat this every day -- however as a trashy quickie morning meal fling, it's not bad!

Click here to embed or view Coffee Comedy video #2 at youtube.

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