Thursday, June 10, 2010

The 99 Cent Chef in Las Vegas!

What happens in Vegas stays in my blog!

Bright lights illuminating skyscraper casinos that never close, slot machines in gas station mini-marts, an elusive 99 Cent Shrimp Cocktail, and panning for gold are all featured in The 99 Cent Chef's latest travel video.

The Chef is not a gambler, except in the kitchen where anything goes! So tag along as my wing-man for a jackpot of chintzy carousing. While all the tourists are being scalped with $40 all-you-can-eat buffets and $200 tickets to see Cher, I'll show you a swinging good time with the "Rat Pack Is Back" stage show (Frank, Sammy, Dino and Joey are funny and tuneful), accompanied by a big band and served with a New York Steak dinner (including salad and dessert) -- all for 30 smackers!

Let me give it to you straight - this tightwad's secret to low-cost partying is Fremont Street, nicknamed Glitter Gulch, in old downtown Las Vegas. Clogged mega-hotel lobbys and crosswalks from the Luxor to the Bellagio on Las Vegas Boulevard? Forget about it! Fremont Street has all the great deals I'm looking for, including 99 cent Margaritas at Fremont Hotel and Casino. And my Vegas video features a candid 99 Cent Shrimp Cocktail review.

On Fremont Street the casinos are side by side and the street is closed to cars (like the Promenade on 3rd. Street in Santa Monica.) Showgirls and Elvis imitators rub elbows with everyone else under a covered promenade several city blocks long that features video collages overhead every half hour. It's noisy, raucous and outrageous. Casino betting limits are lowered here to pennies and dimes. The drinks taste watered down like everywhere, but you don't feel stiffed because the prices are cheaper.

My video wraps up with an outrageous golden nugget gambling sequence that deals you a comedy royal flush! Odds are in your favor when the Master Miser Chef bankrolls you his comp video. And you can double down on his Vegas inside bet bargains!

The 99 Cent Chef in Las Veges - Video
Play it here. The video runs 5 minutes 43 seconds.

To view or embed from youtube, click here.

Lanai Express's 99 Cent Shrimp Cocktail
: yelp reviews here.
200 Fremont Street, Las Vegas, NV 89101
Rat Pack is Back at the Plaza Hotel: click here.
Website price is advertised at $49.99 -- a broker on the strip (next door to the McDonalds with flashy neon sign) was selling them for $30. Ticket price includes Salad, New York Strip Steak and Dessert (Martinis are extra).
Ticket buying tips: click here.
Gold Spike Prime Rib Dinner $5.99: click here.

Website for drink & dining specials in and around Las Vegas: click here.
Fremont Street Blog with info: click here.

Hotels on Fremont Street are much cheaper than on Las Vegas Boulevard.


precious said...

Las Vegas is a very beautiful place! I never get tired of visiting this place.
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christian said...

That was great! Too bad the gold nugget didn't get you and drinks or chips. :)

oddlyme said...

Fremont Street still gives the best cheap thrills : )

Now I want to try that shrimp cocktail!

Pasadena Adjacent said...


you are too funny

that wee video is going straight to my "favorites"

Unknown said...

Vegas really is an awesome place. Your stay in the city would really be a remarkable one. You can also drop by some of Las Vegas Hotel Rooms if you want to.


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