Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Earlez Grille - Hot Dogz in the 'Hood - Video #5

With a Super Fly movie poster over the cash register, you know you're not on the Westside when ordering at Earlez Grille in the 'hood (South of the 10 freeway on Crenshaw Boulevard), which is featured in this week's tale of the pup video.

Seared on huge metal grills over an open flame, these wieners come out of the kitchen charred to perfection. With about 25 years of grilling experience, the Earle brothers, Cary and Duane (it's a family- run business, Mom joined in after she retired 15 years ago), have developed a unique way of turning out their tube steaks. They butterfly and/or slice each wiener for an even sear. I like this technique; it's a savory variation over conventional steaming.

The brothers started out with just a cart on Venice Beach, followed by a stretch in a small storefront near Leimert Park. About 3 years ago, they took over Jack's Chili Factory on Crenshaw Boulevard and renamed it Earlez Grille. And the extra elbow room is needed to turn out their extensive menu, which features hot link dogs, beef, turkey and veggie dogs, chili fries, veggie burgers, veggie chili, Jamaican patties, a dessert selection (Ol' School Coffee Cake, bean pies and cobblers), and Playas Punch. And that's only half of it. Every day has a special. On Monday the Veggie Dog drops a dollar to just $2, and on Saturday a Beef or Turkey Dog cost $1.25. Click here for the full menu.

The hot dog is dressed typically, with the extra choice of a New York-style topping of  garlic-spiked tomato sauce and cooked onions. Ask for the sweetly smoky BBQ sauce on your hot dog sometime, it works! Chili and cheese costs extra. Now about the chili --the recipe comes from former owner Jack (customers drove from all over L.A. for his Chili Over Rice - still served). Thick, rich and meaty, it is spiced just right. I had it over fries, but I liked it best over the Spicy Beef Link (the link was not too hot, and its fine-ground texture is pleasing).

Talking to Duane, I found out that half his customers order vegan. And to keep them coming back, almost every meaty item has a veggie counterpart, including: chili, hot dogs, burgers, tamales, and a Vegan Cupcake. Buns are white or wheat. Orders include a complementary tasty coleslaw with raisins - this item is off the menu, be sure to ask for it.

 With an Expo Metro Line rail station being built on Exposition Boulevard, just outside their north facing windows, business is looking up!

So check out my latest video for Hot Dogz In The 'Hood -- brought to your home computer screen with funky fresh flavors, colorful clientele and "Mom".

Earlez Grille  - Video

Play it here. The video runs 7 minutes, 20 seconds. 

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99 thanks to the Earlez Grille chefs and customers!

Earlez Grille
3630 Crenshaw Boulevard
Los Angeles, CA 90016
Phone: 323) 299-BUNS
Website: click here
Monday-Saturday 10am-9pm

Daily Specials:
Monday: Veggie Dog $2 
and 4 piece Wings with Gravy and Rice, or Fries $4.99
Tuesday: Skinny Fries $1.25
Wednesday: Veggie Burger $3.50
Thursday: Turkey Burger $4
Friday: Spicy Beef Link $2.50
Saturday: Beef or Turkey Dog $1.25

Didn't get your fill of Earlez regal Mom? For an extra fun video minute here's a , "Mom Makes School Lunch" story, check it out below!

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Unknown said...

That's my spot been looking for it I remember when it was the chili factory they still got the same deal on Mondays the 4 wings with rice and gravy💣💣🔥🔥 love it I'll be there this coming Monday

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