Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Chorizo & Eggs Breakfast Tacos

This spicy breakfast taco will snap you out of a foggy-headed morning if you had a little too much cerveza  the night before. If you want spicy, chili-infused scrambled eggs, as a tasty change to the typical boring breakfast, my Chorizo & Eggs Breakfast Tacos pack a lot of South of the Border flavor.

Mexican chorizo is not cured dry like Spanish or Portuguese chorizo; it's more like a mushy ground sausage. Store-bought, it comes in a plastic skin -- you just cut one end off and squeeze out the meat like toothpaste. Beef or pork comes uncooked but only takes a few minutes to brown and crisp up.

99c only Stores and Dollar Tree always seem to always carry it, and it comes cheap at Latin and regular grocery stores.

I usually make my tacos with corn tortillas, but I've noticed 99c only Stores sometimes stock green Tortillas de Nopal or cactus tortillas. The package states they are preservative-free, so I got some to try. They taste like regular corn tortillas, as cactus is a mild flavor, and the green color is fun.

For my recipe, you can use regular corn or flour tortillas. Chorizo and Eggs is also a tasty dish on its own.

If you are lucky enough to have real Mexican taco trucks around (to see my taco truck video - click here ), try a Chorizo Taco sometimes; they are under-appreciated. And in the meantime, you can get spicy with my Chorizo & Eggs Breakfast Taco.

Ingredients (single serving)
1-inch section of chorizo - and remove the plastic wrap!
2 eggs
2 tortillas
Oil for frying eggs, if needed - there is usually enough fat in the chorizo.

Heat egg pan and add chorizo. Press out flat on the pan so it browns on one side for a few minutes. It will begin to break apart. Try not to let it crumble up too much.

Since soy chorizo is vegan you are only heating it up and giving a little crunch to the normal soggy texture.

You can start to heat up the tortillas over low heat in another pan or grill.

When the chorizo has some brown crunchy bits, push it to the side of the pan and add your eggs - either directly to the pan or premixed any way you like them. Once the eggs start to firm up after a minute, mix in the chorizo.

Serve chorizo and eggs in a warm tortilla -- plain or with salsa!

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