Monday, May 16, 2011

Lola's First Bite 3.0 - 1st Birthday Party! - VIDEO

A bowlful of organic whipped cream provides the laughs in the latest Lola's First Bite video. A baby birthday party is always fun, especially when the center of attention gets her mitts elbow-deep in a bowlful of squishy dairy creaminess.

The 99 Cent Chef was there to record Lola's 1st birthday garden party late last month.

Unlike the last Lola's First Bite 2.0 (click here), where she had a hard time gnawing carrots, asparagus and a banana -- this time it's easy street all the way! Lola plowed through a bowl of whipped cream in no time. Who needs a spoon when your fingers can scoop it up so much more efficiently.

It was a gorgeous sunny Sunday afternoon with friends and family, under shade trees, with a fun soundtrack of Monkees hits playing in the background. The birthday girl did not partake of her birthday cake - no processed sugar for this babe yet. So the Chintzy Chef was forced to take her share!

So pull up your computer chair and check out a Lolapalooza Gigglefest!

Lola's First Bite 3.0 - Video

Play it here. The video runs 1 minutes, 52 seconds.

To view or embed from Youtube, click here.
Lola's First Bite 1.0, here.


Dinahsoar said...

The kids always know the good stuff. And nothing's sweeter than babies or whipped cream, but a baby eating whipped cream?...double joy.

benilhalk said...

Really cute photos and video from 1st Birthday Party! I liked the cake a lot. My own niece would be turning one soon and we would like to host a garden family celebration party so we have recently been looking for a good party venue New York. Hoping to find one soon.

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