Thursday, November 1, 2012

Pizza Deal of the Day - Celeste vs Jeno's

Welcome to the real Hunger Games, with a battle royale between 2 pizza purveyors, Geno's and Celeste. In my latest Deal of the Day it's mini pizzas going mano-a-mano and the winner gets the Chintzy Award for Best Cheap Pie. This is cuisine made for dorm room keg parties and minimum wage workday lunches.

I picked up each single serving pie from the frozen deli case at this 99c only Store for 99.99 cents (or $1.) The pizzas are the perfect size for lunchtime appetites. I got the same toppings of cheese, pepperoni and sausage on both. Normally I like a pizza hot from the oven, but for this meal showdown, I am going with the quicker microwave preparation. -- following the box directions.

There is more tomato sauce and chunkier meat topping -- so you can really taste the Italian sausage and pepperoni. -- Celeste is a winner in the meat category. Also, larger lashings of mozzarella cheese make individual bites varied, as ingredients are larger but spread out more. And the tomato sauce, while plain, binds all the flavors together.

There is a silver crisping plate included.

Italian herbs shine through in the tomato sauce. But the meat toppings are hard to discern, due to the small sizes. While Jeno's has a uniform flavor profile as all the parts are almost blended together in a pleasing way.

Funny, but Jeno's did not have a silver microwave crisper, so I used Celeste's.

I'm sure both single serving pizza would benefit from oven baking, but at my job (and most dorm rooms) there is only a microwave oven. So this is a test in real-world conditions. In both cases, the crust is a little mushy as expected, but they share a pleasing yeasty dough flavor.

Both pies are the same size and thickness. Jeno's looks like it has more toppings, but looks are deceiving. So on a scale of 1 to 9, 9 being best, I give the Chintzy Award to Celeste, with a 6 rating. I preferred the chunkier sausage topping and larger treads of cheese. I also liked the simple tomato sauce flavor.

While Jeno's is the loser, I give them higher marks for a more intense overall Italian herb flavor. And I would buy both again for a cheapie lunch. But I am always on the lookout for a better single serving chintzy pizza. If you know of one, then do leave a comment about it and I'll look for it.


Unknown said...

I love Jeno's and Totino's, who makes Jeno's. There's something about the crust. A friend of mine calls Totino's "pizza crack."

We don't have Celeste in our area. It's cool I found this, though, as an online friend and I are having back and forth's over both brands. She loves Celeste and I love Jeno's.

Unknown said...

There's another mini pizza, but in El Salvador, you can get it in the restaurant or by delivering it's call pizza nova, it's such a great thing because it's totally hand made!

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