Friday, January 18, 2013

Best Food Finds of 2013

The Frugal Forager strikes gold with a great selection of the Best Food Finds of 2012 from my local 99c only Stores. There has to be one of these stores every few blocks in Los Angeles, and I've perused every last aisle in them all. Plus 99c only Stores are now in Texas, Nevada and Arizona, so the fantastic finds are spreading!

I can spot a great deal on the shelf a mile away and have learned that you have to get it right then -- come back 15 minutes later and it may be history. But there are recurring bargains, like: fresh packaged mushrooms, asparagus, fresh strawberries, organic lettuces, yogurt, organic canned veggies or sauces, and wheat pasta and bread. So I always make it a point to drop by a 99c only Store on the way to and from my city travels to work, movies or concerts.

This year is especially noteworthy for the varied beer stock, including 24 ouncers for 99.99 cents plus CRV. Often the beer selections are off-brands; but I've learned to love them all, as the buzz is the same! More airline-sized plastic bottles of wine are carried than the good old days of full-sized ones. (Although these smaller sizes are perfect for a sip and flavoring the sauce of my Roasted Chicken and Grapes entree, here.) 99c only Stores are starting to stock full sized bottles of wine again but charge (about) an extra 49 cents per bottle, still a great deal.

I try to be selective and pass by  the rows of cookies, candy, salty chips and soft drinks (which you'll find at any grocery store) and zero in on the fresh produce and canned goods.

So check out some of the incredible deals I found from 2012, and happy hunting for your own budget food finds. (Click on any image to see it larger.)

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Jenni said...

Which 99er has the beer/wine?

99 Cent Chef said...

not all but the Fairfax and Wilshire Blvd. store, La Tijera store, and the Washington Blvd. store all carry alchol...but stock comes and goes.

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