Monday, May 6, 2013

Lola's First Bite Video - Eating Artichoke, Taco & Pomegranate Seeds

Who's feeding who? That's the question you will ask after viewing The 99 Cent Chef's latest video of Lola's First Bite. Lola is starting to take more control of the dining situation -- just watch the video at the end of this post to see what I'm talking about.

And as usual I've hand-picked quite an eclectic selection of West Coast delectables to tantalize the taste buds of  this newbie nosher, including: Steamed Artichoke, a Homemade Carnitas Taco, and juicy, colorful Pomegranate Seeds.

At almost 3 years old (when this video was shot) little Lola is on the way to being the cutest cherub gourmand around. It was a sunny morning when I invited Lori, Bob and Lola over for a homemade Carnitas Tacos and Mimosa Sunday Brunch. I also had an Artichoke steaming and had my fingers stained red, seeding a messy Pomegranate. It was all coming together for more culinary hijinks on another Lola's First Bite!

First up was a Steamed Artichoke (click here to see my clever stop motion animated video recipe.) I selected the tenderest leaves and separated and cleaned the luscious Artichoke Heart. I also made a sweet Mayonnaise Dip (with just a sprinkle of sugar in the mayo) to help it go down easier, because I knew it would be a tough sell for this tot's fast developing and discerning palate.

I've learned by now to first start with what is the most questionable eatable. Lola liked the Mayo Dip better than the Cultivated Thistle. She is game to try almost anything, or at least give it a single bite. Let's just say she gave it a go, and fortunately her Mom was there to catch the masticated heart.

If you live in or are visiting Los Angeles then you will sample real Mexican cuisine. And Lola's second bite was a succulent Carnitas Taco homemade cheaply by yours truly. (And be sure to click here for my recipe video and throw your own Taco Brunch!)

My recipe is delicious enough to please carnivores from two and three quarters years old to eighty. Don't take my word for it, just watch Lola make past tense of it in no time. Now if only she can learn how to fold a tortilla!

And the last First Bite is what I thought would go down the easiest, sweet and plump Pomegranate Seeds. Well, Lola turned the tables and had everyone literally eating from the palm of her tiny hand.

Pomegranate Seeds have a mildly sweet and tart citrus flavor. While not as inviting as a plump strawberry, I figured the bright color would entice Lola, but looks are deceiving.

Well, I've learned to roll with the situation and managed to get a great back-and-forth between Lola's parents, Bob and Lori, using every trick in the book to get her to try them. I'm sure every baby sitter of a toddler will  recognize Lola's intransigent mealtime antics.

 My latest Lola's First Bite video is fun and entertaining. So play it below, smiles are guaranteed! And for all my visitors who are Moms, Happy Mother's Day -- this video is dedicated to you!
Lola's First Bite - VIDEO
Play it here, video runs 4 minutes, 8 seconds. 

To view or embed from YouTube, click here

And if you can't get enough adorableness, I have 4
ola's First Bite videos (just click on a title): Lola's First Bite 1.0, Lola's First Bite 2.0Lola's First Birthday Party, and Lola's First Bite 4.0.

 99 thanks to Bob, Lori & Lola.

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