Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Egg Salad

Eggs are cheap and so is this recipe. Half a dozen boiled eggs with a little mayo and some chopped celery will yield a bowlful of creamy deliciousness that can go between 2 toasted slices of bread, or as a topping to your favorite salad.

The price is right, I always find a dozen eggs for 99.99 cents at my local 99c only Stores. And eggs keep weeks in the refrigerator until ready to use. They also sell small 15 ounce jars of mayo, from off-brands to vegan.

Celery is a cheap veggie. Chopped celery adds the right amount of crunch to my Egg Salad recipe.

It's a simple recipe that I don't make enough. If you eat Tuna Salad (my recipe here) all the time, try mixing it up and make my cheap$kate Egg Salad.

Ingredients (about 3 sandwiches)
  • 6 eggs - I used small eggs. Boiled, peeled and chopped. about 2 cups total after chopped.
  • 1/4 cup mayo - I used light mayo. Okay to add more. Add an extra teaspoon at a time to reach desired creaminess. Large eggs will need more mayo.
  • 1 stalk of celery, chopped - including leaves on the stalk -- if it comes with them. About 1/2 cup total after chopped.
  • Salt and pepper to taste.
  • Water to boil eggs.

*Many recipes call for mustard, I like it without. But you can add it - try a teaspoon Dijon or regular mustard. You can also use 1/2 teaspoon dried mustard powder.

In a pot add eggs and cover with an inch of water. Turn heat to high and bring to a boil. Just when eggs start to boil, turn off the heat completely and cover the pot with a lid (or plate.) Let sit for 15 minutes. Eggs will continue to cook in the hot water.

Meanwhile chop one stalk of celery, including leaves. Chop finely.

After 15 minutes, remove eggs and rinse off in cold water, so you can peel them without burning your fingers. You can also let them sit in a bowl of cool water with some ice cubes for about 5 minutes.

Now time to bring it all together. Peel, discard shells, and chop the eggs. You can add them as you chop to a large bowl. I usually chop the eggs in half, them place them yolk side down on chopping board and finish slicing.

Add all the chopped eggs to a bowl. Mix in the chopped celery. Finally scoop in 1/4 cup of mayo. Mix well. Salt and pepper to taste. Try out a small spoonful of Egg Salad. At this point you can add more mayo if you like, a teaspoon at a time to reach desired creaminess.

I find less mayo and mustard (optional) the better, as they easily overpower the mild egg flavor.

A scoop of Egg Salad goes well with your favorite vegetable salad. Egg Salad is a tasty party dip on your favorite chips or crunchy veggie slices. Also try a spoonful on an avocado half. But I like an Egg Salad Sandwich the best.

This recipe is easy to double using a dozen eggs -- just add another 1/4 cup of mayo and another rib of chopped celery. Keep finished Egg Salad covered in the refrigerator until ready to serve.


Nancy said...

I like egg salad with a little Tony's Cachere's Cajun seasoning or curry powder. The Cajun seasoning is good in deviled eggs.

Shay said...

I basically use your same recipe, but add the mustard and a little finely chopped onion or green onion, dill relish, and no-salt seasoning (all of which I get at the 99 Cents Only store). Love Nancy's idea of adding curry powder or cajun seasoning!

Unknown said...

I add one part Greek yogurt to two parts mayo instead of using light mayo. I add curry powder and dry mustard to add some zip.

Splendor said...

Egg salad sandwiches always make me think of Grandma who made it the best!

99 Cent Chef said...

all great recipe additions ;-p

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