Monday, April 3, 2017

Pastrami & Coleslaw Burrito Video - Leftovers Series

My mashup between a Mexican wrap and a Jewish Deli classic sandwich is a delicious mouthful. Check out my latest recipe video below for all the tasty details to build your own Pastrami & Coleslaw Burrito.

 Play it here, video runs 31 seconds.

On of my favorite recipes is a Homemade Deli Pastrami made with a hunk of beef brisket. It's really easy to make, especially when you use grocery store packaged corned beef. All you need to do is boil it tender then smoke the corned beef for about an hour, that's it. No outdoor grill? Then finish the tenderized corned beef, with a light coat of liquid smoke, in the oven.

Get my written recipe with step-by-step photos by clicking here. Here is my Homemade Pastrami recipe video.

Play it here. Video runs 4 minutes 4 seconds.

What I like with my Homemade Pastrami is a cool stack of Coleslaw. I have a Deli Coleslaw version a click away here. Shredded cabbage, some carrot and mayo are the basic ingredients. I also add a little bit of vinegar and olive oil to bring it over the top.

When I make a Homemade Deli Pastrami there are leftovers (unless it's patio party time, then forget about it.) I sometimes use up leftovers during the week with Pastrami and Scrambled Eggs for a hearty breakfast or two (my recipe is here.)

You can get cooked and sliced pastrami from regular grocery stores and deli markets. When I splurge for a pastrami sandwich from a Jewish Deli, like Cantor's in Los Angeles (video below,) they pile the sandwich so high I often don't finish it. So I usually have enough leftovers - for a burrito, later.

Now how does all this fit into a burrito? Damn well if you ask me. It may appear a strange combo, at least until you take a big bite. Rich peppery hot pastrami and cool coleslaw is a killer mashup that fits well into a flour or wheat tortilla.  You could even add the combo into regular smaller corn tortillas for Pastrami & Coleslaw Tacos. Buid-your-own tacos are always fun for any summer party.

You want to make sure to heat up the tortillas for a minute to soften. I microwave leftover pastrami pieces - it only takes 15-30 seconds to get pipping hot again.

Leftover coleslaw often loses some mayo when it becomes watery, but that's easy to fix. Just drain off the white liquid, then mix in a tablespoon or two of fresh mayo to make coleslaw creamy again. Since you are working with mayo, make sure to keep coleslaw refrigerated until ready to use.

I always have a couple packages of corned beef in the freezer for summer barbecues. I get them during St. Patrick's Day holiday week. That's when they cost around two dollar per pound - a great deal.

Cabbage, carrots and mayo are cheap any time of year. I can even find medium and large sizes of mayo in my local 99c only Stores.

So try my leftovers recipe sometime. Roll your own Pastrami & Coleslaw Burrito, and don't forget the Coleslaw?

Ingredients (1servings)
  • Leftover pastrami - enough to fill a burrito. My Homemade Pastrami blog post recipe is a click away here.
  • Coleslaw - fresh or store bought. My Coleslaw recipe is here.
  • Flour, corn or wheat tortilla - use any type of tortilla you like. I used a wheat tortilla.
  • 1 teaspoon oil - optional, for heating up tortilla. You can heat the tortilla without oil, too.

Start heating up a tortilla(s) in a frying pan or a stove top grill. I used one wheat tortilla. You can heat it with or without a little cooking oil. You only need to cook it for about 30 seconds on each side, depending how hot the pan is. All you are doing is softening the tortilla to it folds easy and warms up.

While tortilla warms up, heat a nice size of pastrami, enough to fill a burrito. It's up to you how stuffed the burrito will be. I usually heat my leftover pastrami in the microwave. It only takes 15-30 seconds. You can also heat it in a frying pan.

I like to use cold coleslaw in my Pastrami Burrito, but it's okay for it to be room temperature. Of course, keep any leftover coleslaw in the refrigerator, as it has mayo that can go bad over time.

Now time to assemble like any burrito. Just add pastrami and coleslaw on a warm tortilla and fold. Corn tortillas are usually smaller, so pile it on like you would a typical taco, that is open-faced.

A decadent addition would be a pungent cheese like Swiss. Make sure to put it between the warm tortilla and hot pastrami so it melts a little.

My YouTube video link for viewing or embedding, just click here.

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