Sunday, June 4, 2017

Ultimate Dessert Bar - Deal of the Day

This is quite the sweet tooth satiater. My latest Deal of the Day is just desserts made by Luxe Bakehouse (trademark of Dawn Foods.)

And what a great bargain it is. You get four chewy Salted Caramel Ultimate Dessert Bars that measure two inch square, apiece --now that's a mouthful. I'm not a big dessert eater, and seldom review sweets, but this is a Deal of the Day to divine to pass up.

I picked them up at my local 99c only Store in the frozen deli case. I'm sure they will soon sell out. These Salted Caramel Ultimate Dessert Bars are even worth full price if you find them at your local grocery store. And for 99.99 cents they are well within my price point, as a cheap$kate p√Ętissier.

It is a multi-layer cookie/cake topped with chocolate chips. Working your way down there is a buttery white cream frosting stripped with caramel and more chocolate. You can taste hints of salt in the topping.

Under the frosting is a slab of tan colored cookie dough - slightly soft and crumbly, tasting of brown sugar. And if that isn't enough, the bottom layer is a solid cookie of dark chocolate, similar to an Oreo cookie.

Now that's a lot of flavors to take in, and you have four bars to indulge in!

The ingredient list is a long one, loaded with sugar, flour, caramel, chocolate, sea salt, condensed milk, butter, etc.

Click on any photo to see larger.

So, on a scale of 1 to 9, 9 being best, how does Salted Caramel Ultimate Dessert Bar by Luxe Bakehouse rate? Well I gotta give this Deal of the Day an 8 !

You don't want to hoover these bars every day, so I'm glad to not run across them very often. But if you find any, I recommend having your own taste test.

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Zuleyka martinez said...

I love these wounderful ultimate desserts I even told my mom about them and there great with tea my kids loved them as well there a must buy!!!

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