Sunday, September 23, 2018

Marble Rye Bread from Ralph's Grocery - Deal of the Day

Marble Rye Bread: gluten + carbs = heaven!

My fave late night snack is a fresh toasted thick slice of Marble Rye Bread and a smear of real unsalted butter. Hey, I'll eat this almost any time of day, when a small pang of hunger hits.

I've been getting it lately in the discount bin at my local Ralph's grocery store. Every week or so I pick up a big container of plain yogurt and a can of coffee and always make sure to see if the Marble Rye is in the bread discount bin.

.It is a large round loaf that's discounted for less than two dollars -- a great deal even this cheap$kate cannot pass up.

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I've eaten many Pastrami Sandwiches here in L.A. and always order them on rye bread. The extreme pungent rye goes great with rich and smokey Jewish deli thick-sliced pastrami.

 A close second sandwich is a Corned Beef on Rye. One of the oldest Jewish deli's had an anniversary celebration and was practically giving away the sandwiches and you can see the video I made about it right here:

Click on image to play video.

You can get all the tasty text and yummy photos for my Corned Beef and Homemade Pastrami recipes by clicking on the names.

There is nothing wrong with day old fresh baked bread, especially if you toast it -- that's the way I do it.

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B. Keene said...

Sounds good to snack on at night....actually a carb at night is supposed to support good sleep !.

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