Tuesday, January 5, 2021

My Top 9 Recipes of 2020

As for year-end lists, my Top 9 Recipes of 2019 is one you can really sink your incisors into. And all of my top picks are deliciously cheap to make. Just click on any recipe name to see the original 2020 blogpost for tasty photos and my money-saving tips, and be sure to play any embedded video below. The ranking order is random and not by delectability, so go ahead and dig in! 

1. Stuffed Bell Peppers

A colorful all-in-one entree is easy to do. Stretching out no-longer-cheap ground meat with cooked rice makes this entre fairly inexpensive.

2. Peach Salsa

If you are in Peach season then jump on this recipe for your next backyard gathering. I guarantee this appetizer with tortilla chips may out-perform your BBQ grilled burgers or steak. Or keep it vegan and serve it with your fave grilled veggies.

3. Peach Cobbler

Let's keep the peach theme going. Peaches can do double duty as an appetizer and dessert. 

3. Blueberry Pancakes

Popping with flavor, my pancake recipe uses fresh whole blueberries that caramelize and sweeten even more as they grill in the batter.

4. Hot Dog with Relish & Mustard

I finally got around to making a video series of my favorite Hot Dog Recipes. I like sweet relish on mine, how do you like yours? Go ahead and leave a comment if you want to.

5. Kraut Dog

Is this Hot Dog super sour? Heck yeah, and it's just the way I like 'em. I always have a jar of sauerkraut in my cupboard to top my Hot Dogs during Super Bowl Sunday, Baseball World Series, Hockey Stanley Cup, Soccer World Cup, Monday Night Football, and the Tennis French Open.

6. Chili Dog

And I mean chili with NO BEANS! But, I will make an exception and use chili made with poultry instead of beef. I use canned chili too, so there!

7. Strawberries & Yogurt

A simple and obvious series where I just mix fresh fruit with plain yogurt. Whatever is in season I'll give it a go. Use your local fresh fruit from a roadside stand or Farmers Market. They have pretty fresh fruit in regular grocery stores these days, too.

8. Scrambled Eggs & Corned Beef

I usually have a hunk of leftover Corned Beef after a St. Patty's Day meal. The Corned Beef may be cabbage-flavored but that's okay. I slice up a small piece of Corned Beef, heat it up, and scramble in a couple of eggs. It's an artery-clogging breakfast but I only have it once a year. 

9. Roast Turkey Breast

How do you make a Thanksgiving or Christmas meal super fast? Follow my recipe video below and cook with half the bird in half the time.

It has been a fruitfully abundant year of recipes here at the Cheap$kate Chateau. I did the heavy lifting for you, so now all you have to do is pick a recipe link and save yourself some hard-earned cash by trying out any of the above. And if you have a favorite recipe of mine, then leave a comment to share.

And make sure to keep checking in here from time to time. I create yummy-looking blog posts with a dollop of humor, and while my tastes are cheap, my recipe flavors are top shelf !

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