Saturday, February 20, 2021

Swamp Chef Plays Golf - The Fried Egg

From Fried Egg to Birdie? Yep, it's another wacked-out Swamp Chef video and it has nothing to do with cooking, except in the title, The Fried Egg. And click on any highlighted Golf Lingo to read the definition.

When the Swamp Chef swings he often strikes out, but when golfing its game on! 

FYI a Fried Egg in golfing terms has to do with the appearance of a golf ball half-buried in a Sand Trap.

In lush and damp Louisiana Golf Courses are the greenest, with trees and lakes scattered throughout. 

A chip off the old block who doesn't take Duff, the 99 Cent Chef's brother from another daddy, the Swamp Chef, plays a mean green, on and off the golf course that is. So who's your Caddy?

The Mossy Putter knows his way around 18 holes, but unfortunately, his golf ball is a Bunker magnet as you will see in the golfing video below. But don't count the Swamp Chef out, he has a surprising Stroke left. 

So check out my latest video in the rough and watch the Swamp Chef Duck Hook the ball and land a Birdie or was that an Eagle?

The Fried Egg - Video

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