Sunday, November 16, 2008

Corn Dog Party ! - Video

The Chef thought he had eaten his last Vienna sausage as an adolescent. Well the only thing that will get me to change my mind is turning them into mini-corn dogs!

What fun this party food is. Sure to surprise and delight your carnivorous revelers, Vienna sausage corn dogs are simple to make and you can get your guests in on the frank frying fun.

 The corn dough coating is simple to do, just cornmeal, flour, baking power, egg, sugar and milk - a corn muffin mix from the 99c only Store is an easy way to go, as well.

And they always carry Vienna sausages -- two seven-wiener cans for 99.99 cents.

So, surprise (and shock) your guest at the next party you throw by serving these crunchy coated mini-delights and...Party On!
Corn Dog Party - Video

Play it here. The video runs 4 minutes.

Ingredients (about 20 mini-corn dogs)
3-4 small 99c cans of Vienna sausage
1 egg
1cup flour
1cup cornmeal
1tbsp. baking power
1 1/2 cups milk
1 tbsp. sugar
Salt and pepper to taste
4 cups oil for deep frying (enough to cover a Vienna sausage - about 3 inches deep)


Or 99.99c Corn Muffin Mix - follow box instructions and use as a corn dog batter.

Dipping sauces
Honey/mustard - half cup of mustard and 3 tbsp. honey.
Spicy Dijon - half cup of Dijon mustard and about a tsp. of horseradish sauce (add a little at a time to reach desired heat).
Oriental - 1/4 cup each of ketchup, steak sauce, and soy sauce and/or oyster sauce.

Start heating oil to 350 degrees (medium/high heat - battered corn dogs should cause oil to roil when added).

 Mix all ingredients into a batter that is slightly thicker than pancake batter; this will make a typical corn dog coating - the thicker the batter the thicker the corn coating.

 Drain Vienna sausages and pat dry. Insert wood skewers into wieners (5 inch wood shish kabob sticks - cut in half from 10 inches) and coat with corn dog batter.

Deep fry in batches of five or so for about five minutes, depending on how hot your fryer is. Done when corn dogs are golden brown; watch carefully, as they will burn easily in hot oil.

When adding to hot oil, allow corn dog to cook for a few seconds before adding the next one, so they do not stick together.

 Drain cooked corn dogs on paper towels and serve with dipping sauces.

99 thanks to Charlie from NYC for his camerawork, and also all the party corn dog tasters!

Also a special featurette. The Chef's mom & sisters watch "Corn Dog Party" adding funny comments. Click here.

Go here to embed or view video at youtube.


Chris Buzzard said...

I have to admit, those look a bit tasty.

brendasue said...

I see that there is an egg in one of the photos but not in the ingredients, nor in the video. What do you suggest?

99 Cent Chef said...

Hi brendasue, thanks for pointing that out - use an egg!

Sey said...

the lady at d end double dipped...not gud! the guy at the end ate it the best (dip once and add entire thing to mouth) lol anyways im tryin this tomoro hope it tastes yummy cus ive nnevr had a real corn dog b4 so here goes nothing! shouldn't be much difference right? vienna sausage vs reg hot dog wienners

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