Wednesday, February 18, 2009

The 99 Cent Chef's 2009 Oscar Special - Video

For your consideration, The 99 Cent Chef offers multiple Oscar performances tackling the "Best Actor" roles of 2008, and pairing each with an Oscar-worthy entree!

First up the Chef tackles the Shakespearean tragedy of our 37th President in "Frost/Nixon" with a performance that will make the other nominees green with envy; then breaks the law in the kitchen with a felonious "recalled" sandwich deserving of impeachment.

Next, masticating in reverse never looked so good as the Chef chews up the scenery in"The Curious Case of Benjamin Button", and serves the classic New Orleans cajun specialty "Red Beans and Rice".

You will not soon forget the Chef's naked performance (at least from the waist up) as "The Wrestler", followed by an all-American breakfast scene that will melt your heart.

Celebrate with "Milk" and once you have seen the Chef's performance you may want to shove him back into the closet and throw away the key!

And finally, the Chef rocks the house with bongo grooves in "The Visitor" and drums up a tasty "African Spiced Water Buffalo Wings" entree.

Which recipe/performance is worthy of a Golden Whisk? You do not have to be an Academy member to vote; just leave a comment.

To re-familiarize yourself with the Best Actor nominees, click on a title to view the trailers of: "Frost Nixon" with Frank Langella;"The Curious Case of Benjamin Button" with Brad Pitt; "The Wrestler" with Mickey Rourke; "Milk" with Sean Penn; and "The Visitor" with Richard Jenkins.

2009 Oscar Special - Video

Play it here. The video runs 5 minutes 19 seconds.

99 thanks to Pete Handelman (clever voice-over work Pete!) and Amy (nice camerawork, babe) for their invaluable contributions. Be sure to check out Pete's funny videos by clicking here.
Also, extra thanks to Nuno Pinheira for loaning out his fine haberdashery. You can see the dapper Nuno in "My 99 Cent Dinner With Nuno" video by clicking here.

Some 99.99 cents or less ingredients used in the video include eggs, Vienna sausages, kidney beans, rice, chicken legs, and peanut butter.

Go here to embed or view the video at youtube.


Jo P said...

I would vote for you, even if you weren't my son! Very enjoyable. Love, Jo P

bizat said...

Well that was just too dang fun. I still think Milk should win--and those vienna sausage corn dogs clinched it even more for me!

Congrats on the top 10 Best food blog nom too!

SPORTS SHORTS - Original Videos from Pete Handelman said...

oscar-winning performance, chef!

SPORTS SHORTS - Original Videos from Pete Handelman said...

Does the chef have room on his mantle for a second oscar?

Anonymous said...

You mean, you mean, that was the same man in all those roles? He's a bloody genius.

Anonymous said...

Next year, the competition will also include the 99-cent organic, local, in-season, raw, free-range, chef.

99 Cent Chef said...

Hey Dale, I used organic kidney beans for the "Cajun Red Beans & Rice" entree! At least it's a start.

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