Friday, February 13, 2009

Mini-Banana Puddings

Mom's banana pudding is an early 99 Cent Chef sweet tooth memory. This dessert seemed so intricately handmade; a dessert of geometric design: evenly sliced circles of banana fanned out over a layer of crunchy round vanilla wafers and topped with sweet pudding. It is actually simple to build and makes a great party finishing dessert; just use The 99 Cent Chef's mini-banana pudding recipe.

All ingredients are found in 99c only Stores, but are inexpensive at any market. This dish is a real budget stretcher as four bananas, one box of vanilla wafers and a can of pudding will feed a dozen Oscar watching revelers! Of course, guest will eat them by the handful, so you could need more? The trick is to put a dollop of pudding on the flat side of the wafer and top with a banana slice; this makes it easy for your guest to pick it up. Try drizzling mini-banana puddings with chocolate syrup, or spray whipped cream on top with a Hershey Chocolate Kiss; how about getting trendy-restaurant-hip with a salty/sweet sprinkle of bacon bits!

The Chef will be serving Pita Pizzas and Mini-Banana Puddings at his Oscar viewing party this year; will you?

Ingredients (about 50 hors d'oeuvres)
  • 4 ripe bananas
  • 1 large 28oz. can of 99.99 cent vanilla creme pie filling (or package of instant pudding - follow box directions)
  • 1 box of 99.99 cent vanilla wafers
  • Extra toppings: whipped cream, caramel, chocolate syrup, a Hershey Kiss, or a sprinkling of bacon bits
Lay out vanilla wafers, flat side up, and add a dollop of vanilla or butterscotch pudding then top with a slice of banana. 

Extra toppings include whipped cream, chocolate sryup, caramel or a Hershey Kiss, and bacon bits (for Hershey Kiss or bacon bits, change stacking order and put pudding on top, so bacon bits and chocolate candy will stick).


The Fat Dietitian said...

those are so cute... I love it!

12 hour pills said...

That is one of the most ingenious ideas ever. I'm definitely going to use that sometime!

Danit said...

These look FABULOUS! By the way, I can't believe I've been in LA for 6 months now, and an AVID 99cents only shopper...and I only now came across your blog!

You are clearly going up on my blogroll cause I think you're my new favorite person!

Woo Cheap Things!! Check out my blog too!

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