Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Daiquiri Drive Thru - Cajun Cuisine Diaries VIDEO

The libation of choice for the Chintzy Chef is of the golden variety: beer, whiskey or scotch. But, on a muggy, hot Global Warmed afternoon in the South, I am not averse to a icy-blended, fluorescent, concoction that's spiked with Everclear 190.

In Louisiana (and Texas) there are fast food drive-thru's serving slushy Daiquiris. I don't know how the heck they get away with it. Every time I go back to visit my Mom and Sis, I am reminded about this quirky roadside custom.. And it all comes back when I spy one on the Airline Highway on the way home (having just shot my nephew Zakk's recipe of Blackened Fish With Sweet Potato Fries, click here to see it.) It turns out Mom and Sis are not at all averse to getting cold to-go cups, especially on Tuesday's Special 2-for-1 priced Daiquiris day.

If you've never experienced this, you can hop into the car with The 99 Cent Chef by clicking on my new Cajun Cuisine Diaries video below, where you'll get a backseat view of how it's done.

Like any drive-thru, you look at the menu and order through a speaker-box, then pull up to the window to pay. From my vantage point, I spotted at least a dozen faucets embedded in a row of clear plexiglass, holding a colorful rainbow of icy blended flavors. While still behind the wheel, you're handed a large Styrofoam cup with a typical soft drink plastic top, and a straw.

Now, there are rules to this. Louisiana has an open container liquor law. So, when you get your Daiquiri, as both Mom and Sis reminded me several times: "Do not put the straw in!" That is a DUI violation if you are stopped. However parched you are, resist plunging the straw through the drink top -- until you get home. Fortunately, Mom's house was less than 5 minutes away. And a frosty beverage is the perfect way to end a day of filming my Chef Nephews recipes. Thanks for tagging along with me!

Daiquiris Drive Thru - Video

Play it here. The video runs  1 minute, 32 seconds.

View or embed from youtube, click here.
99 thanks to Mom & Brenda -- I love you both!


~Molly~ said...

We have at least one place like that here in Longview, Texas. Used to be one called Mr. C's back when we could cruise up and down highway 80! Of course, 25 years ago, they only served plain daquiris and hurricanes, none of that fancy stuff. I had forgotten about them until a friend of mine brought home a gallon of a dreamsicle stuff from Daquiri Express. I swear it had nail polish remover in it!! Smelled awful but tasted divine!


haha, my word verification is refil

TJ said...

Where we went to school, the daiquiri hut put scotch tape over the straw hole. I think it was a liability thing (never mind the liabilities of selling liquor to people in cars - gotta love Louisiana.

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