Monday, April 16, 2012

Jamaican Style Chicken Patties - Deal of the Day

Coo yah -- dis Deal of the Day practically jumped off a shelf, mon. How could you pass up an exotic Jamaican Style Chicken Patty? The Raggamuffin Chef got it from dat frozen deli case in dehya Dollar Tree store. 

I an I just started a job deh 'bout Marina Del Rey near a beaches of Babylon, and a store is right down deh street on Lincoln Boulevard, click here, and I an I had to a go deh 'bout. (By the way, I an I am shooting  a new comedic 99 Cent Chef video that takes place in a Marina Del Rey Garden Center that will have you rolling in da herb and veggie garden aisles -- let's just say I an I take full advantage of free-dining on low hanging fruit and veggies.)

Dollar Tree's are a Middle-American version of our West Coast Babylon Los Angeles 99c only Stores. Dis one did not have fresh produce, but carries a lot of frozen items, along wit canned veggies and packaged rice, pasta and other food stuffs. Not a bad selection, but nowhere near the variety or fresh fruits and veggies you get at local 99c only Stores -- yet.

A frozen deli case stocks frozen fillets of fish (Pollack), small head-on uncooked shrimp, 3.5 ounce ribeye steaks, and frozen cooked items like corndogs, and these Jamaican Style Chicken Patties.

This rude bowy grabbed one and paid a buck -- the fluffy checkout lady said they were good, too. Her authoritative tone made me want to slap it in the office microwave when I an I got back from my ten toe turboing. But I an I didn't bring deh camera to record this Deal of the Day, so I an I brought it home to cook over a weekend, and here's the result.

It's a pretty good deal and I an I would get it again. It's a microwavable meal: cut a slit in deh package; place it on a plate; microwave in the "crisping" package for 2.5 minutes; allow it to cool for a minute; and finally chow down. 

Named a patty, I an I was expecting something like a crab cake -- it's more like an empanada. A large flaky bright orange crust surrounds curry-spiced gravy wit shredded chicken. It's a generous three-by-five inch stuffed meat pastry, almost enough to fill any wanga-gut.

First the good news. It's very flavorful wit a Jamaican hot Scotch bonnet (pepper) kick. I an I liked the scenty and strong curry spiciness and the pastry was flaky and tasty, although a bit chewy (maybe from microwaving?)

A bad news is I an I couldn't find the chicken. It was so shredded, or ground up, that the filling was a mushy mess -- although a tasty one. And a ratio of chicken curry sauce to pastry was off -- definitely more stuffing was needed. But for a buck it's a decent Deal of the Day loaded wit positive vibrations.

Made by Golden Krust Caribean Bakery and Grill (website click here), I an I would definitely try any of their other products, mon and recommend them to all my bredren.

So on a scale of 1 to 9, with 9 being best, the Stulla Chef, gives Jamaican Style Chicken Patties a solid 7.

Click here for italicized Jamaican slang translations.


goodi3shooz said...

I tried both about a week ago (because of the dearth of Jamaican food here in Fresno), and found them yummy! I am a fan of all things meaty and wrapped in these were a real find!

99 Cent Chef said...

a great deal, but could use more filling, it's so good ;-p

Unknown said...

I seen this on t.v can't remember what channel, so seen them @ the dollar tree at lunch, decided to try something different . The way the people were line up at the original store on t.v , I wanted to try, the flavor was good but, it was just gravy in pastry, no meat. Only wish I could go to restaurant & get the real deal!

Unknown said...

These are not official Golden Krust Patties whatsoever.. The microwaveable ones are gross.

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