Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Notebook on Cities and Culture - Audio Interview

Play the audio interview here.

From Seattle to Santa Barbara and finally landing in Los Angeles, interviewer and podcaster Colin Marshall has traveled far to finally end up eating greasy fried chicken and chugging brews at the glass kitchen table in the Chintzy Chateau. I received an interview request by email from Colin a few months ago and after checking out his list of aural contributors so far, needless to say, I was quick to respond "when and where?"

I like to ask how media movers find me -- Colin said his girlfriend turned him on to my blog. He especially enjoys when I get out the the kitchen to explore and document Los Angeles's culinary city scene, quote: "Your combination of food enthusiasm, creative buying, cinephilia, and urban exploration (especially by rail, which I use all the time) has certainly kept me interested." 

His website is called Notebook on Cities and Culture (click here) and he's interviewed all manner of local cultural creators including literary, music, design, film and comedy mavins. It's an amazing roster he's compiled since the first  listed podcasts from 2007. I guess I fit in there somewhere. The screen-grab above (from his website) are his musings about our chat. Of special note are a bunch of links to click on as the audio plays!

(If you want to see the writeup clearer than my frame-grab above with access to all the links, click here; where there is a "Pod" audio button link as well -- just under the date and next to the interview heading.)

Colin peddled over from the Westside (where he now resides) to here in Baldwin Hills on his bike at around sunset. Our plan was to do a "walk and talk" in the aisles of my local 99c only Store on La Tijera Boulevard, followed by my typical Tuesday constitutional of a two piece Popeye's Fried Chicken Special for 99 cents, and finally retiring to the Chintzy Chateau's kitchen to chat, dine and sip on Evil Eye 24 ouncer Ice beers.

You can hear it all by just clicking on the play button below (also, at top of post.)  It's a fun listen, especially as Colin's conversational chops smooth the way. 99 thanks to Colin Marshall for including me in his entertaining podcasts.

Play the audio interview here.

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