Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Key Lime Pie - Deal of the Day

If this is a normal Weight Watchers dessert, where do I sign up? While not a perfect slice of heaven, this Key Lime Pie from Weight Watchers "Smart Ones" is a tasty dessert worth keeping  your eyes peeled for.

I found mine in the frozen deli case at this 99c only Store. You get 2 plastic packages per box, so I assume this means 2 servings -- since I'm not on the program I scarfed them both down. The portions are small but sweet tooth satisfying.

The tangy taste of key lime is mouth puckering and flavorful, and the topping of sweet whipped cream is a welcome contrast. The plastic wrap on top is a problem. Due to possible shipping and storage, the pie topping stuck to the wrap when peeled off; so you either lick it off, or reapply it to the pie -- not sure how Weight Watchers can solve this problem. Possible to fix if pie filling was firmer and wedged into a molded seat?

The key lime filling is very custard-like and soft when defrosted. I would have liked a more solid filling. And the graham cracker crust is very soggy, but I expect this with a frozen pie slice. I liked the crust, just wish there was more of it. Maybe the crust would have held up better if it was thicker?

The thawing directions have a microwave method which I would caution against. (It would be too easy to steam the pie to a watery puddle.) I let mine thaw out on the counter for 15 minutes. Even with slow defrosting, the slice softens into a blob.

I don't know the meanings to Weight Watchers nomenclature, but the box is clearly labeled. So I assume the calorie and fat counts are much lower than typical for a dessert. While the ingredient list is long, the main ingredients use real condensed milk, sugar, key lime juice and graham crackers.

So on a 99 Cent Chef tasting scale of 1-9, 9 being best, I give Weight Watchers Smart Ones Key Lime Pie a 7.

A couple of points are not taken away for any flavor failings; the deductions are for appearance (photo on package should match what's inside the packaging,) mushiness and a too thin crust (I wanted more!)


Knadele said...


It's Weight Watchers! You can't have more crust. You're on a diet.

99 Cent Chef said...

Diet smiet, I want crust ;-p

jlizs said...

Your description of the flavor is exactly right. I don't have the mushiness issue because I never wait until it's completely defrosted to eat.

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