Friday, July 27, 2012

Pastrami & Scrambled Eggs - Recipe Video

Your arteries will groan but your tastebuds will sing for The 99 Cent Chef's latest breakfast recipe video, Pastrami and Eggs. And it's so rich you may need your cholesterol checked afterward!

But so tasty, with peppery and spiced smoked pastrami mixed into creamy scrambled eggs -- it's too much of a good thing. I first had Pastrami and Scrambled Eggs when I lived in the L.A neighborhood of Glendale at the local favorite old school Billy's Deli. Upon leaving the restaurant my only thought was "Where have you been my whole life, Pastrami & Scrambled Eggs?"

And for the price of this $10.95 breakfast, you could easily do it yourself much cheaper. If you caught my Homemade Pastrami recipe video from last week and want to try your hand at it, just click here to get started.(I always store a few corned beef packages in the freezer from St. Patrick's Day meat sales.)

While not as economical as making your own pastrami from a corned beef brisket (that I got for 98 cents per pound from Albertsons,) you could pick up some pastrami from your favorite Jewish deli or packaged pastrami from the grocery store. And eggs are always cheap.

If you are like me, it's hard to finish a typical overstuffed Pastrami Deli Sandwich. So instead of eating it a day later on soggy bread, you can just take out the meat and use it in my Pastrami & Scrambled Eggs recipe.

And there is nothing to it. Just heat up some cooked pastrami and stir in your favorite egg scramble. You don't even need to season it, as the pastrami is usually peppered and salt-cured enough.

This is a dish to make on a Saturday or Sunday morning, where you'll have the time to recover from my food coma-inducing Pastrami & Scrambled Eggs. 

Pastrami & Eggs  - Video
Play it here. The video runs for 34 seconds.

My YouTube video link for viewing or embedding, just click here.

Ingredients (one serving)
  • 1 to 3 eggs - scramble any way you like it.
  • Leftover pastrami - shredded and roughly chopped. A pile that equals the size of one egg is a good serving. Of course, you can use as little or a much as you desire.
  • Salt and pepper - optional, as pastrami is seasoned enough for me - but you can add some if you like.
  • Cooking spray or oil -- optional. I left it out as the pastrami leftovers came off the fatty ends, and were oily enough.

Heat up your omelet pan over low/medium heat. Flake or peel off pastrami pieces from leftovers. Roughly chop the pastrami. You can oil the pan if necessary. Saute pastrami for a minute -- just long enough to heat it through.

Crack in 1, 2, or 3 eggs and start scrambling it all together. You can whisk the eggs first, then add to heating pastrami. Just make your favorite egg scramble recipe.

Cook to desired doneness, it should only take 3 - 5 minutes. Serve with any favorite sides like toasted bagels, bread, or sliced tomato and cottage cheese -- although it's such a hearty breakfast you may only need coffee.

Make this recipe your own. Try melting cream cheese into the scramble (or your favorite cheese) when eggs are almost done cooking.


johnnycares said...

Oh my goodness.I prefer this kind of food anytime.,I wish others in the food industrial. Would cook and serves my favorite egges and pastrami.

Unknown said...

omg so good so bad, i'm in heaven

Unknown said...

I have an order of pastrami coming from Katz's...guess what I'm going to try making with it ?! 😍

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