Monday, January 27, 2014

Italian Sausage Primavera by Atkins - Deal of the Day

I'll admit to not being familiar with the Atkins diet, but if this is a typical meal then sign me up. You will not be disappointed in my latest Deal of the Day.

I've purchased my share of cheap frozen fare and it can be hit or miss. So if I luck out and find a tasty frozen dinner for a buck, then I have to share it with you, my visitors. I've never seen an Atkins diet frozen dinner until I ran across Italian Sausage Primavera at my local 99c only Store. I took a chance and bought 3 of them -- it  was a good purchase, and I'll be back for more (if they remain in stock.)

I though there would be pasta, but it's just Italian sausage and a cream sauce with veggies. But that's okay - you could always cook up some pasta to add, and break your diet. (The Atkins Diet is built on limiting your intake of carbohydrates - click here to read all about it.)

First off, you get a lot of Italian sausage in this 9 ounce package, at least a dozen slices. The sausage has a mild spice, but I think most diners would barely notice any heat. The sausage is well seasoned and pungent with Italian spices. The meat is firm, not crumbly like some types. I was relieved how delectable the Italian sausage tasted.

What I especially enjoyed was the large chunks of cauliflower and green beans. Most frozen dinners have veggies chopped into an unrecognizable hot mess. I didn't notice much spinach though, but that is not a problem as there were plenty of other veggies. The cauliflower florets and green beans were firm enough, but still cooked tender.

You also get a lot of creamy red pepper sauce. You may want to stir the ingredients halfway through cooking so the sauce keeps the sausage moist. The sauce has a pleasing Parmesan and Romano cheese intensity. The red pepper flavor is more like bell pepper -- I liked it. (And since there is plenty of sauce, add a serving of cooked pasta, rice or a fave carb -- heck with the Atkins Diet!)

The ingredient list is short for a frozen dinner. And if you are a carb-counter then click on the photo below and check out the Nutrition Facts.

So on my Deal of the Day rating scale of 1 to 9, 9 being best, I give Italian Sausage Primavera by Atkins a perfect 9 ! It's so good you'll sop up every last drop of red pepper cream sauce.

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Dinahsoar said...

Hey 99cent Chef! This looks good and sounds healthy. Will definitely look for this at my regular store--no 99cent stores where i live. Frozen fare that has a lot of veggies and tastes good is a win- win. Thanks!

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