Thursday, October 30, 2014

Halloween - Creepy Cool Meat Videos

Gory Halloween warning! Time to get squeamish with my animated stop motion videos of raw meat. This Creepy Chef gets ghoulish like a scene from a Stephen King story.  If you're a vegetarian, then stay away! Or peak through hand-covered eyes to read this queasy entry. I'm sure to be on strident vegan Morrissey's (vocalist of the band The Smiths) *hit list after this blog post.

I like my steaks and burgers medium rare. Oozing is fine by me - E. coli be damned!

Raw bloody meat has been a depicted in gruesome fine art. Rembrandt van Rijn is primarily known as a Dutch painter of moody portraits during the 17th Century, and I am especially influenced by his "Carcass of Beef" (flayed ox) study - just check out the audacious composition with gory details.

And here's the artist Francis Bacon's 20th Century version, below.

I've been shooting veggies, fruit and meat against dark backgrounds lately (mainly on a blackened cookie sheet) - usually lit from a single direction, with deep shadows, very much inspired by Rembrandt.

It can get messy cooking with meat. You have to have an iron stomach. Try breaking down a pork shoulder sometime, like I do below for my Carnitas recipe. It's probably the most artistically nauseating footage I've ever shot - but, boy does it taste so good when all's said and done.

Ground chicken or turkey is mushy and wet, more so than ground beef or pork. But I use it a lot as it's cheaper than beef. Just check out my Patty Melt video to see what I mean -- yuk!

Next to ground chicken, pork is cheapest. It's delicious for breakfast or added to a stir fry like my Green Beans and Ground Pork recipe below. It may sound perverse but it's actually fun to animate with ground meat, it's like playing with Play-Doh, just greasier.

Check out my video below to see the messiness.

Are you still with me? Man, are you are hardcore! I'm getting extra creeped-out just assembling this blog post.

Sushi is typically made with raw fish. It's so artfully presented that you might miss the gore. Ever gut a fish? Whoa, that is one freaky task! Slice the belly open, yank out the internal organs then chop off the head -- oh, I'm feeling faint just remembering the viscera and the smell - barf!

 However I like nothing better than cleaned and filleted fish. Well here's one from my Sushi Video Series, the simply shot and presented Tuna Nigiri Sushi.

Well, I'll leave you with the squishy butchering of a couple of chicken pieces. It's the cheapest meat you can get and I have all kind of recipes that use it.

So get out there and have an entertaining Halloween holiday. It's not all blood and guts!

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