Monday, November 9, 2015

Atkins Beef Fiesta Taco Bowl - Deal of the Day

For 99.99 cents I'm willing to drink the Kool-Aid from the cult of diet guru Dr. Atkins. Well, not Kool-Aid, but a frozen low-carb Fiesta Taco Bowl made with real ground beef. This has the makings of a delish Deal of the Day.

This Taco Bowl  is like Texas-style chili made with a package of taco seasoning and tomato sauce. It's spicy hot, but I can take it.

Bell pepper and onions are sliced small but recognizable in taste.

Meat and chili sauce are the main ingredients. Ground beef is crumbled small, but that's fine as there is real beefy flavor and it's the main ingredient.

You get a gooey, cheesy topping to break through for the first spoonful.

After a meaty, rich and spicy bowl of chili I often need a Tums -- well, Atkins Beef Fiesta Taco Bowl is Tums worthy -- in a good way. And like most frozen fare, the sodium is off the chart at 55% -- oh, well you can't have everything; and it's not like I would eat this every week. But at least the ingredient list is small.

Click on any photo to see larger.

I liked the Fiesta Taco Bowl a lot, and I wanted more. So if you are on a weight loss schedule this will keep you in check, but if you are just plain hungry this will not satisfy. To heck with it, I would recommend adding some carbs like rice, grain or pasta.

Pasta not included.

Here we go - that's more like it.

So for my Cheap$kate Dining Scale of 1 to 9, 9 being best, I give Atkins Beef Fiesta Taco Bowl (without pasta) a strong 8 ! On my next trip to the 99c only Store I'm stocking up for sure.

I like frozen entrees from Dr. Atkins. While the servings are usually small, they make up for it in flavor and tasty ingredients. Hey, I can't complain about a meal that only costs a buck!

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