Saturday, November 28, 2015

Every Day with Rachael Ray Magazine - 99 Cent Chef Article

I was contacted by a writer for Every Day with Rachael Ray Magazine in the middle of August. Come to find out it was for an article about "value-driven swaps" for the Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays. Now that's planning way ahead. Well, they came to the right place for cheap$kate advice!

If you were here last week (just scroll down to the previous post) I gave you a cupboard full of budget shopping tips and recipes for the holidays. The writer wanted a short list, so I gave them a few, and this is what I wrote back:
"It's all about the leftovers for me. Stretch out your turkey purchase with extra meals after the holidays."

"I find some guests do not like turkey skin, so I make sure to collect it - to later fry it until crisp, then add to turkey sandwiches the following days. It adds a decadent crunch to any sandwich, like bacon on a BLT. I don't waste anything, that's how you save the most!"

"One other tip is to boil the turkey carcass to make fresh broth, for a turkey and veggie loaded soup later on."

"Finally, here in Los Angeles leading up to the holidays, I find the best deals for fruit and veggies at my local Mexican/Latin grocery store. While my neighborhood Dollar Tree and 99c only Stores carry cans of pumpkin, yams, cranberry sauce and boxes of stuffing."

They ended up using the last sentence, which is fine with me -- It's all good ;-p

This holiday issue of Every Day with Rachael Ray is on newsstands now (until the second week of December,) so you can checkout the article yourself. It's on page 74 (no number on that page so go to nearest and count.) It's 2 paragraphs down from the center headline: Slice The Price! 

Okay I'll give it up, here's an animated GIF. Save yourself $5 and check out the short blurb below:

I can now call Rachael Ray my new bestie!


Louise said...

That's great. I enjoying following your blog. Food and your trips out west.

99 Cent Chef said...

thanks Louise, I gotta lot of new stuff for the new year of 2016!

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