Tuesday, September 17, 2019

Mango & Yogurt - Video Recipe

Fresh fruit and yogurt go well together in my latest recipe video,  Mango and Yogurt.

Pre-mixed yogurt with fruit is too sweet for me. It's easy enough to peel and slice Mango to mix into yogurt. I use half a Mango per serving or small yogurt container.

A ripe Mango is super sweet fully ripe. They are quite easy to peel, then just slice off the soft flesh into bite-sizes to add to your fave yogurt.

Mangos are ripe when soft to the touch, kinda like an avocado. I have gotten Mango that goes from green to bad on occasion, sometimes they will not ripen right...oh well. But when they do they have the best flavor.

I peel a Mango by just slicing into the skin, top to bottom about 4 slices per Mango. That is usually enough to then peel each segment of skin to reveal the orange flesh underneath. Then you just slice off the flesh until you hit the large flat/oval seed.

Living in L.A. Mango is easy to get and cheap, too. I get mine at my local Latin grocery store, Superior Grocers.

Click on any photo to see larger.

As for yogurt I just use plain. Vanilla and other flavors are usually too strong and often have added sugar. But, if you like a certain type on sale then use it.

Sometimes an unusual brand will show up on sale like this creamy French-style yogurt called "oui" made by Yoplait. It was so good I got half a dozen jars. They also had a lemon-flavored that held up well with the addition of sliced Mango.

As with any new find at a 99c only Store, I will try it in the car parking lot, and if it's good then I head back to get a whole bunch more. I've learned you gotta be impulsive there or it may be gone an hour later -- snooze you lose.

So do check out my latest stop-motion animated video. There's really nothing to this recipe and anyone can make it. Sometimes less is more, for a perfectly delicious Mango & Yogurt.

Mango & Yogurt - Video

Play it here. Video runs 55 seconds.

My YouTube video link for viewing or embedding, just click here.

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