Friday, March 21, 2008

A Food Critic VS The Chef & The Mc Nuggitini

A Texan news daily food blog, "Cook's Tour," from the Houston Chronicle (March 17, 2008,) gave the Chef some props, I think? Quote: "Everyone's gotta have a gimmick. The 99-cent chef's is picking the featured ingredients on his recipe blog from the shelves of....ta dum...99 cent stores and other bargain venues. Frightening formula for chicken-liver yakitori included." Now the Chef knows chicken liver is not for everyone, but was the dish "frightening?" - Hhhmmm, absolutely. Well, you can be sure the Chef has many more frighteningly tasty and fun recipes to come!
Expect nothing less from The 99 Cent Chef.
A perfect example of a frighteningly fun recipe:

To get the Chef's blogging interest, just mix irreverence and food. One such attention grabber is a kooky cocktail creation "The McNuggitini" -- found on LA blog "The StateThat I Am In" and created by fellow 99 Cent Store habitue Georgia and her friend Alie. It's a dizzying combo of a McDonalds Chicken McNugget garnishing a White Russian styled Micky D's milkshake, mixed with Absolute Vodka and rimmed with BBQ sauce.

By the time you reach the last photo panel you may need a double shot of Pepto Bismol! For a 99 Cent Chef version use a 99 cent airline vodka bottle from your favorite local liquor store; trying to find a 99 cent substitute for McNuggets and Shake would be unthinkable! For the funny photo story and cocktail recipe click here (March 17.) Cheers!

photos by Leah

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This guy is stealing your idea

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