Sunday, May 6, 2012

Dining for Free in the Garden of Marina Del Rey - VIDEO

It's Spring and time to get your garden going! Last month I replaced my topsoil with fresh compost that I make from used coffee grounds and veggie scraps. And in the last two weeks I've made many trips to the Marina Del Rey Garden Center for tomato, lettuce and herb seedlings.

I've been going here for a few years now and always find great deals. They carry many varieties of tomato plants; from tiny but flavorful Cherry Tomatoes, to hefty and juicy Beef Steak.

And I especially like the variety of lettuce flats -- everything from Mesclun Mix to Red Buttercrunch and Gourmet Salad Blend. They also have a small orchard of budding fruit trees, some starting to bear fruit -- so you know your first crop is definitely on the way.

You can't get fresher produce than growing your own. And in my latest zany film foray, this green- thumbed budget horticulturist takes you on a tasty garden trek, with camera in hand. Now, you know this will not be a typical tour -- where The 99 Cent Chef goes, high jinx follow!

 The Marina Del Rey Garden Center's staff is knowledgeable and helpful, but they give you the space to explore on your own. And, you will see how the Cheapskate Forager takes full advantage of nature's bounty! It's hard to resist plucking and tasting a tart Kumquat from a branch weighed down with the colorful fruit, and I'm sure almost everyone has snagged a Strawberry, Blackberry, or a Grape or two, from budding bushes displayed for sale. But, no one has gone to the extremes the Chintzy Gardener goes in this latest docu-comedy video.

This time around I had some help from a couple of 99 Cent Players. Making her first appearance is Garden Master Elissa (a workmate & cool drummer); while the Omniscient Voice at the end is provided by my neighbor, and frequent contributor, Pete (aka Pedro Pe), a comedian and actor. Both Elissa and Pete provided additional camerawork, too. 99 thanks to them, and also to the Marina Del Rey Garden Center and all their nursery gardeners.

So sit back and let me give you a comedic tour of the Marina Del Rey Garden Center. It comes with a  warning though: don't try what you see here at your own local nursery -- I'd hate to have to bail you out of the slammer!

Dining in the Garden of Marina del Rey- VIDEO

Play it here. Video runs 4 minutes 45 seconds.

To view or embed from YouTube, click here.

Marina Del Rey Garden Center
13198 Mindanao Way
Marina Del Rey, CA 90292
hours: 8am to about 5pm. Open 7 days.
phone: (310) 823-5956

Please Note: I brought my own fruit, veggies and props to the Marina Del Rey Garden Center. I did pluck a grapefruit from the tree there, but used my own to eat from (there were a lot of grapefruits that had fallen to the ground, so I didn't feel too guilty picking just one -- which I left behind.) Finally, I bought the flat of lettuce used in the video. Although, I must 'fess up to noshing a handful of kumquats during several visits to the nursery.

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