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Best Cheap$kate Food Finds of 2019

Deals Deals Deals - come and get 'em! 2019 was a great year for my budget food foraging finds, everything from Vegan Chao Slices of vegan cheese to old school Velvetta.

Well, if you are a frequent visitor, you have seen some of these photos illustrating my delish recipes, and special Deal of the Day reviews like below (click on names to see the original cheap$kate review or recipe.)

Raw Fresh Frozen Black-eyed Peas

 Cheese Ravoli with Sun-Dried Cream Sauce

Video Deal of the Day Reviews

I get comments all the time about how awful dollar and 99 cent stores must be. I can't argue with that, they carry an abundance of dross and Frankenstein foodstuffs -- hey, you get what you pay for. But I am a bottom feeder on a budget, with over a decade of blog experience picking out the best for less. But don't come down on me too harshly, I do highlight plenty of organic food-stuffs that Dollar Trees and  99c only Stores now wisely stock.

 Click on any photo to see larger - to read ingredients or description.

Hey, I'll admit to eating from time to time a few preservatives and cooking with unhealthy oils like generic vegetable oil -- gotta keep my liver exercising! Of course, do substitute healthier ingredients in my cheap$kate recipes...if you have a Whole Food budget, or can even find any untainted ingredients in the food desert you may reside in.

I gotta give it up to my local 99c only Store and Dollar Tree. Without them, my food blog would be anemic and barren. When I'm low on food, I will go to a regular grocery store for coffee and freshly baked bread, veggies on sale, fresh seafood and specialty cuts of meat, but I always make time for a quick stop at my fave cheap$kate 99 cent and dollar stores for many food deals.

99 thanks budget stores and keep stocking the shelves for starving students, hardworking minimum wage earners, retirees on a budget, single-parent families, and everyone else without much change to spare and just plain old penny-pinchers.

For my Best Food Finds of 2019 I've learned to be an impulsive shopper - walk past one of these cheap$kate deals below, and by the time you get home, change your mind and return to get the deal, well, it will likely be gone.

Here's what you're missing all you naysayers and snooty gourmands. Sometimes you gotta bite the budget bullet, but don't worry all my fellow penny-pinching gastronomers, the 99 Cent Chef has your back or at least your stomach!

Best Cheap$kate Food Finds of 2019
The first meal of the day for your tiny tot can be found at budget prices if you know where to look!

For adults, nothing beats a cup of joe first thing in the morning
 World famous chef Wolfgang Puck shows up on the shelves.
 Slow-cooked White Beans are in my fave French recipe Cassoulet.
 I like Anchovies in my pasta sauce and on pizza.
My Mom's Pumpkin Pie recipe is right here!
Add a little Fruit Vinegar to your salad dressing.
Get out the Tums!
Everything you need for a Tuna Helper Lunch
 Mmm...and Tuna Salad on Crackers.
A cupboard staple, Artichoke Hearts for Salads and Pasta Sauces.
France, the largest consumer and producer of Nutella.
Instant Breakies.
Well, excuse Lobster Bisque cheap$kate review.

You want organic? Okay, you got it!
These Organic Raisins were kinda dry and mealy - not a fan.

Well, this man does not live by veggies alone...
One of the best deals this year, Slow Roasted Roast Beef.
Chili No Beans? Now that's what I'm talkin' bout !
I like me some Louisiana Hot Sauce and Creole Seasoning on mine, yeah.
And Newman's Own BBQ Sauce is good on almost anything.

 Whew, I need to lose a few pounds after this blog post!

And keep checking back for another year of scrumptious blog postings!

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KetaRita said...

99cent only had some awesome products come through in 2019! My favs were all the oscar Meyers lunch meats, Heinz with their "Mayocue", and "Mustardcue" sauces, organic fresh strawberries, Canned artichoke hearts (omg I paid $4 a can at I was shocked about this deal), organic coconut oil, Odwalla juices, different International Delight coffee creamers, and large packs of oreos! I'm looking forward to this years deals!

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